Vietnam Visa Extension 2018: How to get a visa extended?

1. What is the Vietnam Visa Extension 2018?

Vietnam visa extension 2018 is applied for those with current expiring Vietnam visa. Yet, visa renewal is for those who are offered Vietnam visa exemption within certain period of time but now would like to stay longer.

2. General procedure for visa extension

  • Records include:

– Original passport

– Separate visa (if any)

– 02 4×6-size photos with white background

– Form NA5

– Official document for Vietnam entry

– Registration of temporary residence with endorsement of local public security

– Guarantee documents of the company (if any)

In case of lack of or difficulty in preparation of such records, we may support Customer.

Working period:

– Normal condition: 5 – 7 working days

– Urgent condition: 2 – 3 working days

Note: Where the visa extension is difficult, the period may last up to 10 working days.

3. Notice about Vietnam visa

  • Nationality

Nationality is the most influential factor to the result of the visa extension. If your nationality is easy, the extension happens more quickly and easily, the visa period may be extended longer and more times. In contrast to the difficult nationalities, sometimes you may be denied the visa extension.

Difficult nationalities include of African countries (excluding South Africa not too hard), Middle East and some Asian countries, such as India and China.

  • Visa type

– Based on the purpose of entry, Visa will have the following types of symbol: DL for traveler; DN for businessman in Vietnam; LD for labor; DT for foreign investors in Vietnam and foreign lawyer in Vietnam; TT for the purpose of visiting relatives; and a variety of visa with other symbols.

– Based on the time and number of times allowed immigration, the visa has the following types: once a month / many times, once every 3 months / many times, once every 6 months/ many times and one year/many times.

Visa type will greatly affect the duration, number of times and extension records.

  • Place and date of the latest entry

– Place of entry is also important. Costs and duration of the visa extension are different for each Vietnam border gate. Here are 04 border gates that the Foreigner usually enters Vietnam:

1. Noi Bai Airport – Hanoi

2. Tan Son Nhat Airport – Ho Chi Minh City

3. Moc Bai Border gate – Tay Ninh

4. Da Nang Border gate – Da Nang

– The Foreigners date of the latest Vietnam entry is the last day that the Foreigner enters Vietnam for multiple exit and entry visa; the visa issuance date for single entry and exit visa. The nearer the date of the latest entry is, the easier visa extension is and vice versa.

Vietnam Visa Extension 2018: How to get a visa extended?

Vietnam Visa Extension 2018: How to get a visa extended?

4. Special Cases

  • Multiple visa extension

Many Foreigners in Vietnam need multiple visa extension, but since 2nd extension, they faces problems, such as rising costs or denied renewal and forced exit. For these cases, we always have a lot of experience to give the optimal deal for the Customer in a quick, economical and safe manner.

  • Other visa extension relating to the guarantee company

The Foreigner is guaranteed for his/her entry by a company in Vietnam, but then the company does not continue to guarantee for such Foreigner, so he/she will not be able to extend the visa and forced to exit. For this case, we always have a lot of experience to give the optimal deal for the Customer in a quick, economical and safe manner.

  • Extension of expired visa

In case of the extension of the expired visa, the Foreigner has never exit or extended the visa timely, he/she will have troubles with Vietnam Immigration Department. Do not worry, we will be on behalf of the Foreigner to extend the visa, account for and pay fine to Vietnam Immigration Department.

Note: Such fine for the expired visa depending on the expiry time of the visa. Therefore, the Foreigner should solve visa expiration as quickly as possible.

  • Resolution to loss of passports

If the Foreigner loses his/her passport in Vietnam, he/she must quickly implement the followings:

– Contact Vietnam Public Security, then declare and ask for written Confirmation on loss of the passport.

– Bring written confirmation on the loss of such passport to the embassy of the Foreigners country in Vietnam, request them to grant you a new passport and a diplomatic note to prove his/her loss of such passport.

– Call us, we will extend your visa for your exit or stay in Vietnam.

  • Entry visa exemption

For the exemption from visa requirements to enter Vietnam, we still have a visa extension as normal. Therefore, if you need to extend Visa Exemption, call us immediately.

In particular, the Foreigner is a spouse or child of a Vietnam citizen according to regulations on 5-year visa exemption. However, if there is a demand for a long stay in Vietnam, but he/she does not want to extend such visa exemption or exit from time to time, we can assist in applying for a temporary residence card with a 3-year term.

Besides, further information about visa extension in 2018 in Vietnam about which the Foreigner should be concerned.

For more details, please contact us by email:

And please remember to send the following information:

– Nationality

– Visa type

– Border gate and the latest date of Vietnam entry

Ideally you should send us the current passport photos, visa page and entry stamp.

Yours respectfully.

How to fill-in the e-visa application form in the National web portal of immigration (only 1-month e-visa, single entry). Watch video tutorial (official video of Visa Online Vietnam)

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