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Vietnam Embassy in Los Angeles Services, Requirements, and Application Process

Are you planning a trip to Vietnam and in need of a visa? The Vietnam Embassy in Los Angeles is here to help you with all your visa-related needs. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to the Vietnam Embassy in Los Angeles, including the services offered, requirements for obtaining a […]

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Fast and Efficient Vietnam Visa Processing Services

What are Urgent, Emergency, Super Urgent, and Immediate Vietnam Visa Options? Expedited or Rush Service includes Urgent/ Emergency (super urgent)/ Immediate (last minute) visa. These are special services besides normal visa processing, which support travelers to keep their original travel or planned trip with timely visa for their flight. Our service will be on half […]

Updated location of Vietnam Immigration Dapartment 2018

All Vietnam Embassies and Consulates abroad need permission of Vietnam Immigration Department before issuing any Vietnam visa or the other related documents. 1/ Vietnam Immigration Department (VID) is the official organization granting your visa VID belongs to Vietnam Ministry of Public Security. Their functions focus on supervising, approving, or disciplining Vietnamese residents and foreigners’ immigration, […]

Which kind of Vietnam Visa do you need to apply?

It became a very hard job to find trustworthy pages when searching for Visa information online and a lot of scams are out there. They miss-use migration, embassy etc. in their domain name to let them appear official but they are not! There are only 2 official Visa websites managed by the Vietnamese government: https://visa.mofa.gov.vn […]

Sir Stamford Raffles Founded Singapore

The arrival of one man , Stamford Raffles , changed everything Singapore gained full independence in 1965 and it has come a long way. The island was once known as Temasek and was settled back in the mists of time by Sri Tri Buana , who established Singapura and he named it Lion City , […]

Fastest way to get Vietnam visa in HK

Vietnam is a wonderful country with rich culture, amazing food and diverse views. But often tourists who wish to pay a visit are scared away by how expensive and troublesome it is to get a visa into the country. It costs almost HK$400 for a one-month single-entry visa and the Vietnam consulate-general also doesn’t offer […]

Vietnam Visa requirements for the Honduran, Honduras passport holders

Do Honduran citizens need a visa to Vietnam? Yes, honduras passport holders need a visa to Visit Vietnam. Vietnam Visa Requirement for Honduran Ø  Capital: Tegucigalpa Ø  Currency: Honduran lempira Ø  Country code: 504 Ø  Official language: Spanish Language We wish to notify that you have to apply for a Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam if you are a […]

Express Vietnam visa on arrival in one hour

You just realized you need a visa to Vietnam a few hours before the departure time? You’re afraid that you will miss the flight? Do not worry. It can not happen if you use our Vietnam visa on arrival Express one hour service. In Urgent case, contact us to get Express Vietnam visa one hour service, we […]