Vietnam E-Visa for United States Citizen 2018

Vietnam E-Visa for United States Citizen 2018

Visa for US citizens is required at all boundaries of Vietnam?

Yes, Vietnam Visa for US citizens 2018 is a compulsory document at all frontiers of Vietnam obeys to Vietnam Immigration’s law.

Vietnam E-Visa for United States Citizen 2018

Vietnam E-Visa for United States Citizen 2018

How to get Vietnam Visa for US citizens 2018?

There are two different ways to get Vietnam Visa for US citizens 2018:

American can apply Vietnam Visa throughout a travel agency or apply dossier directly at Vietnam Embassy in the United States of America.

Applicants can get Vietnam Visa via an agency or a tourist company located in America. However, these companies usually ask them to purchase for tourist vouchers at the same time. So, this method’s not commonly chosen by applicants who love to operate their journeys by themselves.

Besides, citizens from America can submit Vietnam Visa application together with other required documents at Vietnam Embassy directly. Furthermore, the procedure at Embassy takes 5-7 working days.

Vietnam visa for US citizens on on arrival at the airports

Visa on arrival method is very efficient for those who live far away from Vietnam Embassy. Also, applicants can follow 3 simple steps as below to get Visa at Vietnam airport:

First, you just need to fill your information onto the application online at

Second, we will send the approval letter to you via your email (issued by Vietnam Immigration department) within 24 hours (normal service), within 4-8 hours (urgent service) and less than 30 minutes (emergency case).

Finally, print out the approval letter and prepare 2 passport photos in size of 4 x 6 cm then get Visa sticker onto your passport at Vietnam airport.

Vietnam E-Visa for United States Citizen 2018

Vietnam E-Visa for United States Citizen 2018

Vietnam Visa policy for U.S. passport holders:

Vietnam Government has issued a special Visa policy which brings to American many benefits:

Firstly, 6 month tourist Visa type is valid for American only while other nationalities are unable to do that. They have rights to apply for tourist Visa with 3 months as maximum.

Secondly, only American is able to get 1 year tourist visa type.

Thirdly, anyone who is holding US passport has many options in applying Vietnam visa. The validity of Visa is valid from 1 month up to 1 year, applied in both tourist and business types.

Not only that the processing fee for 1 year business Visa for American is 180 USD while it is 550 USD for other nationalities.

Vietnam Visa requirements at Vietnam Embassy 2018

In order to get Vietnam Visa for US citizens 2018 from Embassy, you need to prepare a set of dossier which contains:
+ Passport scan
+ Invitation letter or tour voucher from a travel company in Vietnam
+ Flight ticket (both ways)
+ An envelope with your home’s address is available on it.
+ 2 passport photos (4 x 6 cm in standard size)

More importantly, make sure that you are holding a passport which is valid more than 6 months from the entry date.

More information about processing time for Vietnam Visa on Arrival

More information about Vietnam visa fee 2018.

If you have any problems about visa,please contact us:

1 Floor, 56A Nguyen Cu Trinh St, Dist.1, Ho Chi Minh City, VietNam

Phone: (+84) 838 361 567

Tollfree USA: 1866-278-6239

How to fill-in the e-visa application form (only 1-month e-visa, single entry). Watch video tutorial (official video of Visa Online Vietnam)

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