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Hanoi’s Plan to Boost Tourism Infrastructure and Entertainment Services

The Hanoi Department for Culture, Sports, and Tourism has unveiled an ambitious strategy to invest significantly in amusement infrastructure. The aim is to attract more international tourists and encourage them to extend their stay in the city. To achieve this goal, Hanoi recognizes the growing importance of entertainment services in its tourism industry.

With its vibrant urban atmosphere and rich cultural heritage, Hanoi offers a diverse range of entertainment options for both locals and visitors. From traditional music and dance performances to modern art exhibitions and lively nightlife spots, there is something for everyone in Hanoi.

As the tourism industry continues to flourish, the demand for high-quality entertainment services is on the rise. Consequently, many businesses are focusing on providing unique and unforgettable experiences that exemplify Hanoi’s culture and lifestyle.

Under the proposed plan, the suburban areas within 20km of the city center will be developed into a sprawling entertainment complex. This complex will feature bars, electronic game centers, art shows, high-end restaurants, and hotels, catering to the increasing demand for entertainment from both local residents and international visitors.

Moreover, the areas surrounding Hoan Kiem Lake and Hanoi Old Quarter will undergo a transformation into pedestrian streets at night. These streets will offer enhanced services, including bar streets and night-food streets, further enhancing the nighttime experience for tourists and locals alike.

1. Recommended Tourist Attractions

1.1 Vinpearl Aquarium

Address: B1st floor, Vincom Mega Mall Times City, 458 Minh Khai, Vinh Tuy Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi

Hanoi's Plan to Boost Tourism Infrastructure and Entertainment Services

Vinpearl Aquarium Times City is a fascinating attraction that houses over 30,000 marine creatures in a large underground space filled with 3 million cubic feet of seawater. This unique aquarium in Hanoi features three distinct sections:

  • Freshwater area: resembling the Amazon rainforest, visitors can observe various freshwater fish species such as blood dragon, ray, red-tailed snapper, and even freshwater white sharks.
  • Reptile cave area: guests can explore the lives of reptiles and amphibians, including golden pythons, lizards, salamanders, shrimp salamanders, earth dragons, crocodiles, as well as tropical insects like rose spiders and emperor scorpions.
  • Saltwater area: this section attracts many visitors with its diverse marine life, including coral, stingray, devil sunfish, turmeric grouper, blade fish, fairy fish, and entertaining performances like mermaid shows and fish feeding events. Moreover, it proudly presents penguins, making it the first location in Vietnam to showcase these charming creatures.

1.2 Hanoi Creative City – an Enjoyable Free Hangout Spot

Address: 1 Luong Yen, Bach Dang, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi

Discover the vibrant shopping space within the Hanoi Creative City complex, offering a lively and entertaining environment for visitors to enjoy freely.

Hanoi Creative City: A Vibrant Hub for Art and Creativity

Hanoi's Plan to Boost Tourism Infrastructure and Entertainment Services

Hanoi Creative City is an innovative and artistic complex spanning 20 floors. It offers a diverse range of experiences, including restaurants, cafes, captivating art exhibitions, and creative offices. With its abundant space and engaging activities, this destination appeals to visitors of all ages.

1.3 Explore Dong Xuan Market – A Shopper’s Paradise

  • Location: Dong Xuan, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Dong Xuan Market is a must-visit attraction in Hanoi, especially for shopaholics. This bustling wholesale market offers a wide array of products, from clothes, shoes, and electronics to fabrics, children’s items, souvenirs, and confectionery. With its expansive size, make sure to explore each floor to fully immerse yourself in the market’s vibrant atmosphere.

Don’t leave Dong Xuan Market without trying the delectable bamboo noodle rolls – it would be a missed opportunity!

If you are short on time during the day, consider visiting the market in the evening. It still offers an exciting experience, and you can indulge in numerous authentic Ha Thanh dishes such as cartilage rib porridge, shrimp cakes, snail noodles, eel vermicelli, and refreshing tea.

Hanoi's Plan to Boost Tourism Infrastructure and Entertainment Services

3. Key finding: Hanoi prioritizes entertainment services for tourism growth

Despite being a popular transit hub with a high volume of international passengers, tourists often view Hanoi as a temporary stopover before heading to other destinations or tourist cities within Vietnam, resulting in shorter stays.