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Vietnam weather and where to visit in summer

Vietnam’s climate is characterized by four seasons. And in case you wish to visit Vietnam in Summer, you must know how it is during this time. Read this article for your information.

Vietnam weather in Summer

Although Vietnam’s territory is located in the tropics, Vietnam’s weather is divided into three distinct climatic zones. The North and North Central areas have the subtropical humid climate.

The North has 4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The Central and South Central areas have the tropical monsoon, and the southernmost central and the south areas have the characteristics of tropical savanna. At the same time, as it lies on the southeastern margin of the continental part of Asia, adjacent to the South China Sea (part of the Pacific Ocean), it is directly affected by the monsoon climate at the low latitude.

The South has two seasons: rainy season and dry season. It is necessary to distinguish that the tropical climates has four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, and the tropical climate has only two seasons: dry and rainy seasons.

Best places in Vietnam to visit in Summer

1. Nha Trang – The heaven in summer days

Nha Trang - The heaven in summer days - Vietnam visa
Nha Trang – The heaven in summer days

Nha Trang is the province of Central Vietnam which most visitors to choose every summer. Nha Trang is nice and beautiful with highlights such as Ponagar Tower, Thap Ba Hot Spring, and Vinpearl Land.

Especially, visitors to Nha Trang for summer vacation, in addition to the time to relax under the blue water and in the cool breath of the sea in Nha Trang, also have the opportunity to participate in fun games in Vinpearl Land. Guests will take the longest cable car crossing the sea and see the Vinpearl Land between clouds and sea water of Nha Trang.

For those who have the ability to dive, Nha Trang is the appropriate area to explore the beauty of the ocean. Those who can’t dive can also take a glass bottom boat to view the coral or marine life. A floating beach party will make your summer travel with your family and friends more complete

2. Sapa – The call of the windy green fields

Sapa - The call of the windy green fields - Vietnam visa online
Sapa – The call of the windy green fields

Sapa misty city makes people immediately remind the beautiful terraced rice fields. Sapa is located in the Northwest Highlands, so it has cool weather all year round. Many tourists consider Sapa as a second Dalat in the North because of its cool climate.

Coming to Sapa in the summer, the tourists will have the opportunity to explore the unique culture of indigenous people and enjoy the delicious stream fish. Many visitors from the south to Sapa have been attracted by this land and want to come back here each summer. If this summer you do not know where to go, the legendary Sapa city is the ideal place you should consider.

3. Dalat – The green garden with giant fans

Dalat - The green garden with giant fans - Vietnam trip visa
Dalat – The green garden with giant fans

Dalat has a cool climate like a huge fan of wind throughout the year to bring the inhabitants of this land cool winds. Sometimes it is so cool that you wear a sweater and have a chance to feel the winter.

With huge pine forests, many lakes, rivers and streams, Dalat has an excellent climate. The atmosphere here is fresh, cool, different from the large cities such as Saigon and Hanoi.

Walking to the prominent destinations in Dalat such as City Flower Garden, Love Valley, and Mong Mo Hill, visitors are thinking that they are lost in the green garden with fresh flowers.

Dalat city is a wise choice for those who want to get away from the dust and noise of the city. And walking around Dalat night market or visiting Truc Lam Zen monastery will make visitors forget the heat of the summer.

Vietnam visa requirements

Updated on August 29, 2018: there are 24 countries have the exemption of entry visa to Vietnam with the ordinary Passport. See the list here: Those do not need Visa to Enter Vietnam. Check whether you need a Vietnam visa or not by accessing to https://www.visaonlinevietnam.com/.

For those needing a Vietnam visa, please keep in mind that there are up to 3 options to get a visa for Vietnam and requirements for each option are different as follows:

1. Requirements for Vietnam visa application at the Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam.

  • Passport must be valid for at least 06 months;
  • Passports are not torn or blurred.
  • The form is filled as instructed by the staff of the Embassy/Consulate of Vietnam
  • The visa fee at the Embassy/Consulate (varied by embassy).

Note: In some cases, a foreigner must have a letter of entry from the Vietnam Immigration Department that permits entry and visa issuance at the Vietnamese embassy or consulate abroad. The document on receipt of a visa to Vietnam is granted by the Immigration Department. This entry document must be faxed to the Vietnamese embassy/consulate abroad in the Ministry of Public Security.

2. Requirements for Vietnam visa on arrival

  • Passport of foreigner must be valid for at least 06 months.
  • Passports are not torn or blurred.
  • You must have a letter of entry issued by the Immigration Department of the Ministry of Public Security of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam that allows you to enter and receive a visa at an international airport in Vietnam. This is granted by the Immigration Department issued by an individual or organization. Here is the link to apply for the letter: Vietnam visa approval letter application form.

Note: In case of entry into Vietnam due to visa exemption does not require the entry document. Citizens of some countries are exempted from Vietnam visa such as Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Swedish…

3. Requirements for Vietnam electronic visa

  • Passport of foreigner must be valid for at least 06 months.
  • Passports are not torn or blurred.
  • You must apply online for the electronic visa, and once you get approved, you will receive a QR code to do the visa procedure at Vietnam entry points. You need soft copy of your passport and a photo in .jpg format to upload when applying online for the e-visa.

Have a nice trip in Vietnam!