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New updates in Vietnam e-visa from 3/2019| eligible ports on immigration

This must be good news to travelers who enter Vietnam by crossing landing border or sea-port since 3/2019. Let’s check new updates in Vietnam e-visa now. There are some new updates in Vietnam e-visa Vietnam Government had approved to issue e-visa for more 35 countries from 2/2019 Since 2/2019 Vietnam Government had agreed for citizens… […]

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6 month-Vietnam visa for US citizens|Vietnam-visaonline.org

We had received many questions of Vietnam visa over 10 years. This writing will help you to understand more about 6-month Vietnam visa for US citizens. Who are able to apply 6 month-Vietnam visa? In terms of 6 month-Vietnam tourist visa, there is only citizens of America able to obtain it currently. This kind of… […]

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Vietnam is an ideal destination for solo travelers | visaonlinetovietnam.com

The most concern of solo travelers to visit Vietnam is “Is Vietnam safe?”. In this writing we would like to point out why “Vietnam is an ideal destination for solo travelers” Safe but interesting You want to take off a journey alone and wonder “is Vietnam safe?” -millions of travelers said yes. If you are… […]

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Jobs for foreigners in Vietnam – How to earn money easily in Vietnam?

Here is an overview of jobs for foreigners in Vietnam as well as jobs opportunities available for expats in Vietnam. Check it out! Jobs for foreigners in Vietnam As a developing country-Vietnam has a high demand for experts in various areas. To illustrate this point, a survey was launched in 2017 by Navigos group found… […]

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New update information of Vietnam visa| Visa to Vietnam 2019

Vietnam Government has issued resolutions which are related to Vietnam visa for foreigners. Let’s check the new information of Vietnam visa as below. New update information of Vietnam visa you need to know Vietnam Government’s consensus on the visa exemption for 5 nationalities In particular, Government has decided and approved to extend the visa waiver… […]


How to Find a Job in Vietnam as a Foreigner

In recent years, more and more foreigners have been working in Vietnam and the demand for hiring foreign labors from Vietnamese companies and organizations has increased. Some know by many may not know that among several jobs in Vietnam for foreigners, there are 5 job trends as described here: https://www.visaonlinetovietnam.com/5-job-trends-in-vietnam-for-foreigners/. However, it is not easy […]


Vietnam-visa.com and 11th anniversary

Vietnam-visa is very proud to be celebrating 11 years in business since 2007. Operated under Vietnam Discovery Travel JSC., through the ups and downs, we have made remarkable achievements. So far, Vietnam-visa has been the leading Vietnam visa center providing online application for Vietnam Visa on Arrival. We are committed to providing our clients with […]