The Full guide to get Vietnam visa for Australians Update.

Full guide to get Vietnam visa for Australians

Do Australians need a visa to visit Vietnam? If yes, how they can obtain it? These are the questions of interest that all Australians want to find the answer before their trip to Vietnam. And these are also the questions with which this post will deal.

Do Australians need a visa to Vietnam?

The answer is NO if:

  1. They directly travel to Phu Quoc island of Vietnam from a foreign territory or country;
  2. Stay there for no more than 30 days; and
  3. Leave the island directly for a foreign territory or country.


Otherwise, a valid visa is required.

How to obtain Vietnam visa for Australians if required?

It can be said that at the moment, getting Vietnam visa for Australians are very easy as they may have two ways to handle this work, namely:

  1. Obtain visa via Vietnam Embassy; OR
  2. Obtain a Vietnam visa on arrival.

Which way is better? Which one should you choose? Please find the answers in the following comparison between these two ways.

  1. Similarities

Both these options offer a valid and legitimate visa to Vietnam.

  1. Differences

2.1. Beneficiaries

While the former option is available for all those traveling to Vietnam, the latter supports those traveling to Vietnam by air only.

2.2. Issuing Authority

The visa obtained in the former way is issued by the Vietnam Embassy; while that in the latter is issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department.

2.3. Steps to apply

For Visa at Vietnam Embassy:

The procedure to obtain this kind of visa may vary from embassy to embassy; depending on the embassy you are intended to work with. Some accept visa applications submitted via post, via a third party but some accept submission in person only.

Here is the common procedure and documents to obtain Vietnam visa in person at Vietnam embassy:

  1. Download the application form on the website of the embassy you are planned to apply for the visa with, fill it out and attached it with a photo;
  2. Prepare documents for application, including an application form, original passport, photos and visa fee and others as required by the embassy;
  3. Travel to the Embassy to submit application documents and pay for visa fee;
  4. Get the Appointment Letter and then leave there for home;
  5. Travel back to the embassy on the appointed date to pick up original passport and visa.

The visa processing time is normally 4 – 5 working days.

For Visa on Arrival

The process to get Visa on arrival is completely different. It requires no travel or no sending off original passport and other documents via post either. It just requires a device with internet access.

  1. Access to, and complete the form here (no document is required);
  2. Review to make sure all information is correct, and then make payment of service fee online;
  3. Wait for maximum 2 working days (for tourist visa) to get visa approval letter delivered to email together with the detailed guide to picking up full visa upon arrival at Vietnam airport;
  4. Get visa stamped upon original passport upon arrival at Vietnam airport (a few minutes at the airport).

2.4 Vietnam Visa fee

When using visa at the embassy, the travelers only need to pay visa fee once at Vietnam embassy; while visa on arrival requires travelers to pay 2 kinds of fee: service fee to be paid online while application for processing visa approval letter and the stamping fee to be paid in cash at Vietnam airport to pick up full visa there. The visa fee at embassy may vary from embassy to embassy, and it is informed only when you contact them directly. But the visa on arrival fee is clearly published on the website of service providers. Here is our total cost of Vietnam visa on arrival.

The total cost of the visa on arrival may be higher or lower than embassy visa cost, but it may save you a lot of money for travel or postal cost and also save you from many troubles.

2.5 Where and when to get the full visa

In the former way, you will pick up the visa at Vietnam embassy before your trip to Vietnam, while the latter lets you pick up full visa at Vietnam airport upon your arrival there to start your trip.

This is a full comparison between the current 2 ways to obtain a Vietnam visa for Australia passport holders. We are sure that by reading here, you now already know which way is best for you.

Should you need any further information, please feel free to let us know

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