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5 job trends in Vietnam for foreigners

Vietnam with many international activities is increasingly contributing to the modernization of the country, creating a diverse and profitable economy with many job opportunities which are open not only to local people but also to foreigners. From a survey with thousands of foreigners who have been working in Vietnam, we have identified up to 4 […]


4 Reasons why you should head to Vietnam for a permanent job

Vietnam has an emerging economy and is one of the “rising stars” in overseas destinations. Many people in the European and American countries have been unemployed for years and can easily move overseas to Vietnam to find stable jobs for a long time. Every year, hundreds of companies are established, thus promoting the country’s economic […]


7 reasons to take a gap year

Instead of immediately joining in a new semester (before graduation) or applying to companies (after graduation), we will have an empty time to implement different plans and projects to enjoy life in its own way. It is called “Gap year”. And here is why more and more young people today respond to this activity. 1. […]

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Vietnam weather in October – Where to go

No need to spend a large amount of money to go abroad or think about the beautiful scenes in your dream. In Vietnam, there are also wonderful sceneries attracting tourists, especially when the autumn is coming. Let’s check out Vietnam weather in October and where to go at that time with the following articles! But […]


15 days in Vietnam – Where to go

A long journey from the North to the South of Vietnam to discover the beauty of Vietnamese nature, culture, history and people is something that many backpackers want to experience. The route of a trip across Vietnam depends on the preferences and conditions of each visitor. Hopefully, with the following suggested itinerary, the visitors will […]