Tips to saves money when travel to Vietnam for Canadian

3 indispensable costs included for a Vietnam trip

Vietnam is one of the most bountiful countries and has been an extremely exciting tourist destination in Southeast Asia. You would easily fall in love with this amazing country, the land of ancient secrets with vibrant culture, hearty people. Furthermore, Vietnam has spectacular landscapes with the diverse ecosystem, exotic food and delightful traditions.

This country as a lovely contrasting picture: chaotic cities and peaceful villages, majestic mountains and tranquil beaches. Spending as long as possible in this country then you would find out there are so many things you want to learn about Vietnam. Absolutely, exploring Vietnam and you will never regret because you will have the most rewarding travel experiences ever in your life.

So how much should you, Canadian travelers, budget for a Vietnam journey? Here are the expenses for a trip from cheap to luxury (high-end).

6 basic expenses for Vietnam travel

1. Vietnam visa for Canadians

Vietnamese visa for canadian
Vietnam visa for Canadians

It is compulsory to obtain a visa for traveling to Vietnam. There are three ways to get Vietnam visa for Canadian citizens.

  • Applying visa at Vietnam Embassy in Canada: this is the traditional way and you have to visit the Vietnam Embassy in your home country then follow the procedure to apply for the visa and you have to make sure that your passport is valid at least 6 months but this method is relatively complicated and it takes a lot of time.
  • E-visa: According to the recent Vietnam Government decree regarding immigration (2/16/2017), the nationals of 46 countries can apply for Vietnam’s E-visa (electronic visa) during pilot period. Canada is in the list of country that allowed e-visa issuing. However, Vietnam E-visa is just valid for maximum of 30 days and single entry.
  • Visa on Arrival (VOA): this method has been the most popular in recent years because it is extremely convenient, affordable and can save your time and money. You can easily submit the application online by filling out the form online and it merely takes 5 minutes then after 2 working days, you will get the visa approval letter via email. Click for details on How to get Vietnam visa on arrival for Canadians.

2. Flights from Canada to Vietnam

You can book a flight to Vietnam from online agencies or purchase directly at local airline agencies. Depending on your budget and conditions, there are variety airline brands for you to choose such as Vietnam Airlines, China Southern, Air China, Cathay Pacific, Eva Air, Air Canada, Korean Air and so on. The flight tickets prices are from 800 USD – 2.000 USD (1.000 CAD – 2.600 CAD)

3. Vietnam Accommodations (hostel, hotel and resort) for Canadians    

  • Cheap: 8 USD (10.5 CAD) person/night
  • Mid-Range: 21 USD (27.57 CAD) person/night
  • Luxury: from 70 USD (91.92 CAD) person/night

4. Transportation in Vietnam (local transports + intercity transports)

  • Cheap: 8 USD (10.5 CAD)
  • Mid-Range: 22 USD (28.9 CAD)
  • Luxury: 73 USD (95.87 CAD)

5. Vietnamese Food and Drinks (for one day)

  • Cheap: 6 USD (7.88 CAD)
  • Mid-Range: 12 USD (15.76 CAD)
  • Luxury: 25 USD (32.84 CAD)

6. Entertainment in Vietnam (entrance tickets, shows, etc.)

  • Cheap: 4 USD (5.25 CAD)
  • Mid-Range: 10 USD (13.13 CAD)
  • Luxury: 35 USD (45.95 CAD)

6 Saving money tips for Canadian travelers to Vietnam

1. Try local and street food to save your cost in Vietnam

Try local street food to save your Vietnam travel cost

Try local street food to save your Vietnam travel cost

Honestly, the food you taste in Vietnamese restaurants in Canada is definitely different from the “authentic food” in Vietnam. In order to experience the fantastic local food, just go out on the street then you will be lost in the foodie heaven. Moreover, the price of street food is incredibly cheap and you can try many perfect dishes at $10.

For example, a bow of “pho” (flat rice noodle soup) costs around $2, price of a load of “banh mi” (Vietnamese sandwich) is $1, $2 for a dish of “bun cha” (rice noodle with grilled pork) and much more lovely dishes have price in region of $5.

2. Book Vietnam accommodations earlier

Book Vietnam accommodations early to save cost of Vietnam trip

Book Vietnam accommodations early to save cost of Vietnam trip

If you book your accommodation as early as possible, you will get the reasonable price and avoid the peak tourist season. Instead of booking hotels, you can consider booking a guesthouse or homestay at a cheaper price.

3. Bargain in Vietnam

Bargain hard in Vietnam to save Vietnam travel cost

Bargain hard in Vietnam to save Vietnam travel cost

Actually, foreign tourists tend to be charged at a higher price for some services and goods compared to the locals like taxi, cyclo (three wheel bicycles), street food, clothes and souvenirs. Therefore, you should always consider prices of anything before purchasing and bargain harder to get affordable prices.

4. Look for attractions with free entrances

Look for attractions with free entrances to save cost of Vietnam travel

Many tourist attractions in Vietnam do not require admission fee, hence, if you want to save the money, you should find out these places before traveling.

5. Save money for transportation in Vietnam

Save money for transportation in Vietnam

Save money for transportation in Vietnam

Another tip to save money is to choose the right transportation when you want to travel around the country. In terms of fly, you can find cheaper tickets if you avoid peak time such as national holidays, summer holidays.

For the long journey, air flight is the most convenient way and don’t worry about the price because you can fly with low-cost airlines of Vietnam like VietJet, Jetstar Pacific, the price of tickets is about $60. Moreover, during the promotional time, you would get zero fare tickets.

You also can consider a late-night travel by booking sleeper buses or trains in order to save money for a night’s stay at hotel.

In the big cities of Vietnam, if you want to get around places, so the public bus is an ideal choice, the cost of a trip is only 7,000 VND (~0.3 USD). Using Grab instead of traditional taxis to get a reasonable price and avoid scam.

Actually, travel by walking is the best way to experience more and save expenses on transportation fee.

6. Take a Vietnam package tour

Actually, there are some tourist destinations in Vietnam you should have a guide like trekking tour to the mountainous, large caves, rain forests or discovery tours. It is easier and more convenient for you to explore Vietnam, especially when you only have a short time. Therefore, Vietnam package tours would be an ideal choice.

Suggested Vietnam itinerary for Canadians

This is a suggested itinerary with estimated travel expenses (from budget to luxury) that based on the most favorite places of Canadian Travellers.

Hanoi trip: 2 days

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is over 1,000 years old so there is no denying Hanoi represents the most cultural and ancient cities in the World. It is a fascinating mix of the East and the West which is the vestiges and influences of the invasions in the past.

One thing is inevitable that if you visit Hanoi for the first time you would get culture shock a bit because of the chaotic city Centre, insane traffic, crazy drivers, and pollution. However, you will equally be impressed by the fantastic street food, vibrant nightlife, lovely locals, unique architecture and wonderful tradition.

Moreover, there are a lot of interesting tours in Hanoi such as cuisine walk tour, Hanoi tour on motorbike, full day cycling tour and cooking class with master chief.

Estimated expensesCheapMid-RangeLuxury
Accommodation$6.50 (CA$8.50)$18 (CA$24)$53 (CA$70)
Food and Drinks$4.87(CA$6.4)$13 (CA$17)$32 (CA$43)
Transportation$2 (CA$2.65)   $5.5 (CA$7.24)  $16 (CA$21)
Entertainment$2.66 (CA$3.5)$7.88 (CA$10)$27 (CA$36)

 Ha Long Bay tour: 2 days

Ha Long is in the Northeast of Vietnam, 70 kilometres from Hanoi so you can go there by taking a coach or car. In recent years, Ha Long Bay has been one of the most iconic tourist destinations; it is the 7th Wonders of nature in the world.
Ha Long Bay is unique and there is nowhere else like it in the world. Its spectacular beauty will take your breath away, 1500 rainforests topped limestone karsts different shapes and sizes rising out of emerald waters.

No visit to Vietnam would be perfect without joining Halong Tours. Have you ever dreamt about a romantic feeling when floating on turquoise water, witnessing sunrise or sunset and tasting fresh seafood with your beloved? Why don’t make your dream become true in Halong Bay – one of the great natural wonders of the world and a UNESCO World Heritage site?

Estimated expensesCheapMid-RangeLuxury
Accommodation$9.36 (CA$12.43)$21 (CA$27.9)$41 (CA$54.4)
Food and Drinks$2.37 (CA$3.14)$6 (CA$8)$12 (CA$16)
Transportation$2.25 (CA$2.98)$5.14 (CA$6.8)$10 (CA$13)
Entertainment$6.43 (CA$8.5)$15 (CA$19.92)$32 (CA$42)

Hoi An travel: 3 days

Hoi An is a city on Vietnam’s central coast, and it is well-known for UNESCO well-preserved Ancient Town. Visiting Hoi An you will get lost in a land of fairy tales.

Just imagine…You are getting into a fanciful town with the cobbled lanes and around you are hundreds of colourful lanterns. The idyllic river flows through the town with the amazing bridges link both sides of the town. Wow! It is stunning scenery. You will be unable to resist and might think that is unreal.

Estimated expensesCheapMid-RangeLuxury
Accommodation$3.4 (CA$10.43)$9.15 (CA$30.55)$78 (CA$103)
Food and Drinks$4.83 (CA$5.18)$9.02 (CA$11.98)$20.8 (CA$27)
Transportation$1.05(CA$5.06)$15 (CA$19.92)$67 (CA$90)
Entertainment$1.06 (CA$4.09)$8.51 (CA$11.30)$26 (CA$34.5)

Da Lat trip: 2 days

Đà Lạt or Dalat is the capital of Lam Dong province in Vietnam. The city is located 1,500 m (4,900 ft) above sea level on the Langbian Plateau in the southern parts of the Central Highlands region. In Vietnam, Da Lat is a popular tourist destination. Da Lat’s specific sights are pine forest with twisting roads and tree marigold blossom in the winter. Da Lat has spring-like weather and people call it “City of Eternal Spring.”

Exploring Dalat with some adventure activities, you will never regret.

Estimated expensesCheapMid-RangeLuxury
Accommodation$5.76 (CA$7.6)$15 (CA$19.92)$44 (CA$58.46)
Food and Drinks$3.9 (CA$5.1)$9 (CA$11.95)$18 (CA$23.91)
Transportation$1.58(CA$2.09)$4.16 (CA$5.5)$12 (CA$15.94)
Entertainment$4.49 (CA$5.96)$12 (CA$15.9)$36 (CA$47.83)

 Nha Trang tour: 3 days

Nha Trang is the capital of Khánh Hòa Province, on the South Central Coast of Vietnam. Nha Trang is well known for its beaches and scuba diving and has developed into a popular destination of Vietnam for international tourists, attracting large numbers of backpackers, as well as more affluent travellers on the south-east Asia circuit, it is already very popular to Vietnamese tourists, with Nha Trang Bay widely considered among the world’s most beautiful bays.

Estimated expensesCheapMid-RangeLuxury
Accommodation$3.4 (CA$4.5)$9.15 (CA$12.15)$26 (CA$34.55)
Food and Drinks$4.83 (CA$6.41)$10.85 (CA$14.41)$20 (CA$26.57)
Transportation$1.05(CA$1.93)$2.90 (CA$3.85)$8.7 (CA$11.6)
Entertainment$1.06 (CA$1.40)$3.04 (CA$4.03)$9.6 (CA$12.7)

Ho Chi Minh city trip: 2 days

Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) aka Saigon is the largest city in Vietnam by population. This is a city of mixed culture from the classic French architecture to the modern skyscrapers. HCMC is also the business capital of Vietnam, it has a rich history and vestiges of war. It now has been growing rapidly.

Estimated expensesCheapMid-RangeLuxury
Accommodation$9.6 (CA$12.7)$28 (CA$37.20)$93 (CA$123.5)
Food and Drinks$4.5 (CA$5.9)$11 (CA$14.41)$26 (CA$34.55)
Transportation$1.82(CA$2.41)$5.26 (CA$6.98)$17 (CA$22.5)
Entertainment$3.64 (CA$4.83)$10 (CA$13.28)$31 (CA$41.19)


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