Top 8 tips for Australians traveling to Vietnam on budget

Top 8 tips for Australians traveling to Vietnam on budget

Vietnam is a attractive destination of people around the world including Australians, thanks to its friendly people, beautiful places and especially cheap prices. So, let’s see how cheap it is.

1. Vietnam visa cost for Australians

A Vietnam visa is required for all Australians visiting Vietnam. Currently, there are 2 ways to obtain Vietnam visa:

  1. apply Vietnam visa via embassy, you need to directly contact with the embassy to check detailed prices
  2. to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival online. You will receive a service of convenience, simplicity, fast processing and time saving. You can find its full details here: Vietnam visa online for Australians.

2. Vietnam transportation fee

It’s convenient for you to travel around Vietnam by air. If you book early and through cheap airlines such as Vietjet air, Jestar, the fare ranges from 2 million to 3 million VND. If you want to save budget for other activities or you want to experience new feeling, you can think of moving by train or coach beacause the distance between famous places in Vietnam is not too long.

For transportation in the same city or nearby places with each other, you can take a bus or hire a motorbike and indulge in the current trend of Vietnamese young generation: Phuot. The cost for a motorbike per day is astonishingly cheap, just VND 130,000 to 150,000.

3. Vietnam accommodation cost

For luxurious hotel, the budget ranges from VND 500,000 to 800,000 per 2 to 3-star hotel per night. You will enjoy the professional and devoting service. For the peak season, it is necessary to make reservation. Our website, by establishing close relationship with the network of almost 1000 hotels in Vietnam, can help you to find the best hotel satisfying your taste and budget. You can go to our above-mention website to get further information.

The other cheap and interesting way is staying in the locals’ home. Vietnamese people are well known for friendliness. You can try to socialize with them and then ask for their putting you up. Good luck!

4. Vietnam food cost

The advice is stick to street food or local food. Vietnamese food is very cheap but out of the world. With only 1$, you can enjoy the most famous dishes such as pho, bread, meat and sandwich.

5. Find Vietnam travel buddies

It’s convenient to find other travelers to split the costs with, it will definitely much cheaper than if you travel on your own. If you are travelling in pair or in a group of friends, most Vietnamese hotels and guest houses charge per room (not per person). Teaming up with fellow travelers should be taken into consideration, as it is much easier to split the room price and transport.

6. Organized Vietnam tour

Much of Vietnamese land can be explored without a tour guide, but there are still some parts of the country where you can be able to explore with organized tours. Sometimes, organized tours are the easiest and cheapest way to see some of the most stunning sights in Vietnam, especially when you’re in short of time.

Many of Vietnamese hotspots are attractive thanks to its wonderful natural scenery – which make a day’s sightseeing cheap. Several cities are walkable, and are full of temples and museums for you to see if you take a walking tour around the city. A tour in Halong Bay including an overnight on a junk boat is definitely worth spending. You can also shop around, enjoy local activities. Finally, you can lie on beach all day if that’s all you want to do, because it is totally free.

7. Bargain when shopping in Vietnam

As a tourist, you should be confident to try haggling sometimes. In some cases, it is good to learn a little of Vietnamese can work well, know how to walk away from the seller.

8. Phones and Wi-Fi in Vietnam during your travel in Vietnam

You can bring phone from home, but you must be aware of thieves. Foreigners with expensive belongings are primary targets, and the thieves will even stalk people who they think an easy prey. Therefore, the other option is to buy a cheap smart phone in Vietnam.

With under $50, you can find yourself an adequate phone. Sim cards as well as data are also very cheap, however, the language barrier deters lots of foreigners from even trying. It is good to ask your hostel/hotel for some help, or simply do a research at nearby place.

If you need more data, look for signs of the carrier of your Sim card – Viettel, Mobifone, or Vinaphone. If you are using maps and other data-intensive apps, you’ll definitely spend about $4 – 5 per month.

Above are some tips you should remember when travelling to Vietnam. They could help your travel more enjoyable and of course, cheaper. As one of the cheapest destinations in the world for backpackers, Vietnam will provide you an insight into the mesmerizing cultures and traditions.

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