Vietnam visa fee 2018: How much does it cost to get Vietnam Visa?

In order to get Vietnam visa, you must pay 2 types of fees: The APPROVAL LETTER FEE and STAMPING FEE.

1. Vietnam Service Fee

This service fee will be;used to process your visa approval letter.

Vietnam visa-on-arrival processing fee on 2018 (service cost per pax in USD)

Visa on arrival kind of fee 2018

2. Vietnam Visa Stamping Fee on 2018

Stamping Fee for Visa on Arrival: You will pay this stamping fee at the Vietnam airport to get your passport stamped. Your approval letter will be the legal evidence to show the airport officer that you are allowed to legally enter Vietnam by the Vietnam Immigration Department.

vietnam visa on arrival fee 2018

Price table – Currency: US Dollar

Vietnam tourist visa fees 2018


1. Stamping fee is NOT included int service fee. It is payable only at Vietnam airport.

2. The above tariff is applicable until December 30th, 2016.

3. It takes 2 working days for normal processing and 1 working day for urgent processing to complete.

4. NO hidden and extra fees will be;charged.

Vietnam visa fee 2018

Vietnam visa fee 2018


Step 1: In our application form, please provide exactly your flight number and arrival time (Vietnam Time is GMT+7). In case your flight is;rescheduled, you need to inform us no later than 48 hours upon before you land (excluding Saturday, Sunday and national holidays). Contact us via email or our Hotline +84 968 18 77 18.

Step 2: Immediately upon your arrival, our staff will welcome you with a name board. If you land earlier than expected and cannot see our staff, please call Hotline +84 968 18 77 18.

Step 3: You will need to present our staff your visa approval letter, passport, 2 photos (4x6cm with white background), entry & exit form and stamping fee and subsequently our staff will handle all necessary procedures to get your visa stamped.

Step 4: You will have back your passport with stamped Vietnam Visa from our staff.

If you have any problems about visa,please contact us:

1 Floor, 56A Nguyen Cu Trinh St, Dist.1, Ho Chi Minh City, VietNam

Phone: (+84) 838 361 567

Tollfree USA: 1866-278-6239

Hotline: (+84) 968.18.77.18


How to get E-Visa to Vietnam 2018? Download Vietnam visa application form

Apply for tourist visa to Vietnam fast and easy. Useful information about how to get Vietnam Evisa. Download Vietnam visa application form 2018. New update for Vietnam visa exemption and foreign embassies in Vietnam…

How do you get a cheapest tourist visa for Vietnam?

If you want to visit to Vietnam in 2018, you probably need a visa, otherwise you will not be allowed into the country. The best way how do you get a cheapest visa for Vietnam is to buy the approval letter (Visa on Arrival “VOA”) or buy E-visa (single entry, 1 month, new from Ferbruary 2017) on the internet. Vietnam allows nationals of 23 countries to enter Vietnam without a visa for varying time periods, some countries are members of the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). More information below in this article.

How to apply for E-Visa to Vietnam 2018

How to apply for E-Visa to Vietnam 2018

E-visa for 30 days (single entry) started on February 1, 2017

Vietnam launched e-visa in February 1, 2017 for visitors from 46 countries (6 countries were added from December 2, 2017). Foreign tourists to Vietnam can have their visas emailed. E-visas will be issued by the immigration authority via digital transactions for foreigners wanting to enter Vietam. It can be used once and is valid for no longer than 30 days (Single entry, $ 25). The e-visa pilot scheme will last for two years, starting from February 1, 2017. The results will be reported at the last NA session in 2018.

This single entry e-visa (only for 1 month) can be requested online or you can use

In 2018, you can enter Vietnam still through the purchase of the approval letter online.

Vietnam offers 4 types of the tourist visas in 2018:


– single entry for $ 25/ 1 person (you can enter and exit Vietnam only one time)
– this type of visa (E-visa) can be requested here: or


– multiple entry for $ 50 / 1 person (you can enter and exit Vietnam multiple times)
– you need to buy an approval letter

3. VISA FOR 3 MONTHS (90 days)

– single entry for $ 25/ 1 person (you can enter and exit Vietnam only one time)
– you need to buy an approval letter

4. VISA FOR 3 MONTHS (85 – 87 days)

– multiple entry for $ 50 / 1 person (you can enter and exit Vietnam multiple times)
– you need to buy an approval letter

+ VISA FOR 1 YEAR (US citizens)

– for $ 135 / 1 person (customer need exit Vietnam after each 3 months during valid time of visa in 1 year)

25. 8. 2016 – Vietnam VOA and visa stamp fee for USA passport:
– from 25. 8. 2016, all kind of Vietnam visa for USA passport holder is 1 year following new rule of Vietnam Immigration Dept, detail as below:
For DL-tourist visa, 1 year, stamp fee is $ 135, customer just need apply for USA DL tourist visa option, using this visa kind, customer need exit Vietnam after each 3 months during valid time of visa in 1 year (information from

Visa for Vietnam can be obtained in these 3 following ways:

Vietnam visa application

Vietnam visa application

1. E-VISA (only for 1 month, single entry, $ 25)

New from February 1 2017, valid only for 1 month stay in Vietnam. This type of visa can be requested here: or Visitors with e-visas can touch down at any of Vietnam’s eight international airports, including Tan Son Nhat in Ho Chi Minh City, Noi Bai in Hanoi and Da Nang in the central region. They can also arrive via land at 13 international border gates, and via sea at seven ports across the country.


Use the services of the certified dealers, you can try To receive Vietnam visa upon arrival you need to buy an “Approval letter”. This approval letter can be purchased from any of these companies and then you need to take this filled letter to Vietnam. You obtain the official visa at the airport in Vietnam. This procedure applies if you fly to Vietnam by plane (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang). If you come from a neighboring country, for example by bus or motorbike, this visa does not apply.

Vietnam Visa on arrival

Vietnam Visa on arrival


What to do when applying for a “Visa on arrival (VOA)”:

1. For online retailers fill out a form on their website with information about yourself, entry, residence time, etc…. Only a few details, nothing complicated, it is very easy. DL – tourist visa / DN – business visa.

2. Pay a fee with a credit card or Paypal for an “approval letter”, according to what type of Vietnamese visa you have chosen. Check the website of the agencies for the price list.

3. Then you should get an “Approval letter” via email (it takes about 2 days) – print 2 copies of this letter and together with two passport photos, submit them upon arrival at the immigration office in the airport in Vietnam.

4. As well as the approval letter, you also need to fill out a simple entry and exit form for arrival visa and attach a passport photo. You can get this form on the plane before landing in Vietnam, or at the airport in Vietnam. If you want to save a few minutes, you can download it here and fill it in beforehand. Download the form from here:

A. Download Immigration Form 2018 entry and exit at the airport.

– Filling the form & sign. Attachments:

– Glue photo 4x6cm at right top corner as the form request + 1 additional photo same size.

– Prepare 45 USD in cash for 1-3 months single entry.

– Or prepare 65 USD in cash for less than 1 months multiple entries

– Or Prepare 95 USD in for 3 months multiple entries or 135 USD for 6 months multiple entries.

B. Download Vietnam visa application for group from 15 applicants

If you don’t want to apply online, you can provide us your passport details as the form below to

– Full name :

– Date of birth

– Nationality

– Passport number

– Date of arrival and date of exit.

We will contact with you immediately to handle the visa application for you.


– All details must correct as in passport. We will not be responsible for any trouble at the airport if you send us incorrect details.

– Date format : DD/MM/ YYYY, for example : 01 Jan 2009

– Port of arrival : airport only

– Passport expiration date must be 6 months or more than, if not, you can not boarding the airplane.

After you fill the form online & settle the payment successfully, we will send you pre-approved letter for picking up your visa upon arrival at the airport. Please make sure that you must have the pre-approved letter & print it out for boarding the airplane & get visa at the airport.

You can not boarding the airplane & Cannot get visa at the airport without the pre-approved letter. Attachments: “Visa approval letter”

Vietnam visa approval letter

Vietnam visa approval letter

5. Print your approval letter (2x) and a visa arrival form, and take 2 passport photos.

After arriving in Vietnam (in the case of Visa on arrival):

When you arrive at the airport in Vietnam go to the immigration office (immigration office in Hanoi or immigration office in Ho Chi Minh city), submit the approval letter and the visa arrival form with 2 passport photos. They will propably send you to the next window to pay for the type of visa you have chosen (it is a good idea to already have Vietnamese currency preferably the correct amount, or you can pay with US dollars). Wait a while and then you will receive a Vietnamese visa with your passport. The waiting period depends a bit on the number of tourists… the workload on the officials… Personally, when I was queing up in Hanoi I was about 10th in line with 30 other travelers and I waited about an hour.

Vietnam visa fee (in the case of Visa on arrival):

So for example using the company, for a one month stay with single entry, the price for a Vietnamese visa will be approximately – $ 6 (for execution of the letter) + $ 25 for the type of visa ($ 25 you pay at the Airport) – a total of $ 31.
For a larger number of applications the cost of one application decreases slightly. See the price lists on the websites of agencies. – the best price for an approval letter and for providing a visa ($ 6 / 1 month / 1 person, single entry) and gives fast processing, proven services and online payment with credit card or Paypal.

The prices shown are only for providing the approval letter. To get the Vietnam visa you pay for this at the airport in Vietnam! When entering Vietnam you must have a valid passport for at least 6 months!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. It is legal to obtain a Visa on arrival?

Yes, obtaining a Visa on arrival is legal and authenticated procedure that is used by many travelers who are going to Vietnam. Immigration office at Vietnamese airports receive these visas, and they accept them. In 2014 there was a problem with Air France, they did not accept visa for some time. The problem was already removed, and the company already accept these online visas. To be 100% sure that the airline accept the invitation letter (online visa)? Contact the air company!

2. When can I come to Vietnam and leave him?

Upon you get an approval letter you can enter Vietnam a couple of days later. It is not possible to enter Vietnam before you get an approval letter. Visa will be valid for the type of visa you requested (1 or 3 months). You can leave Vietnam in any time during this period.
For example:
– I have a visa for one month, but after 10 days I can leave Vietnam.
– I have a visa for three months, but after 45 days I decide to leave Vietnam.

3. I´am traveling to Vietnam with the children, need the approval letter?

If you are traveling to Vietnam with the children, you need to apply for approval letter. If you flying on one passportm, you will not pay at the airport in Vietnam fee for granting visas.

4. I´am only going through the Vietnam airport, I need a visa?

If you stay only a few hours at the airport in Vietnam, and continue to another country, you don´t need a Vietnam visa. But you need to stay in transit zone. If you must leave this zone to pick up the luggage, contact the appropriate personnel at the airport. If you already leave the airport for a few hours, it is necessary to have a Vietnam visa.

5. Can I use a visa on arrival, if you arrive by land from the neighboring countries?

No, visa on arrival can be;used only if you arrive by plane to Vietnam. If you travel eg. on a motorbike or by bus from Laos, Cambodia, China, you need to visit relevant Embassy in these countries.

6. How long time take the execution of the approval letter to Vietnam?

Process takes usually 2-3 days, sometimes it can be;done already 2nd day, read the information on the websites of companies. If you pay more, the companies deal this letter urgently, in a matter of hours. Prices are listed on websites. e.g. – handling an approval letter of the single-visa for one month during half a day costs $ 23.

7. There are different prices of the approval letter on many websites, why?

The approval letter for visa on arrivals – many online travel agencies from Vietnam sell the approval letter. The price for this approval letter is;nowhere legally fixed, therefore, the price can be different. Price may be $ 8 but also $ 30.


Visa Exemption form

Visa Exemption form

Vietnam allows nationals of 23 countries to enter Vietnam without a visa for varying time periods, most of the countries being members of the ASEAN.
Citizens of the following 23 countries do not require a visa to visit Vietnam (allowed length of stay in days is shown in parentheses):

Belarus (15), Brunei (14), Cambodia (30), Denmark* (15), Finland* (15), France (15), Germany (15), Indonesia (30), Italy (15), Japan* (15), Kyrgyzstan (30), Laos (30), Malaysia (30), Myanmar (14), Norway* (15), Philippines (21), Russia* (15), Singapore (30), South Korea* (15), Spain (15), Sweden* (15), Thailand (30), United Kingdom (15)
* required to hold a passport valid for at least 6 months on arrival and they also must make 30 day pause between two arrivals.


U.S. Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh:
Address: U.S. Consulate General 4 Le Duan Blvd., District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: (+84) (8) 822-9434

British embassy in Hanoi:
Address: 4th floor. 31 Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
Phone: (+84) (4) 39360500

Australian embassy in Ho Chi Minh City:
Address: 5th Floor, The Landmark Building 5B Ton Duc Thang, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: +84-8 3829 6035

Canadian embassy in Hanoi:
Address: 31 Hung Vuong Street, Hanoi
Phone: (+84) (4) 734 5000

What to do in case of lost or stolen passport?

If your travel documents are,stolen or you lose it, you need to contact police and then go to your embassy in Hanoi. It is,recommended for the first time to call your embassy.

– 2 color photographs with dimensions of 3.5 x 4.5 cm
– police report on the event issued by Vietnam police
– a copy of a lost / stolen passport (if you have one)
– money for payment the fee according to the current exchange rate

Vietnam Customs, Currency & Airport Tax regulations details

You want enter into Vietnam? What can you bring or what can,be exported?
You must comply with Vietnamese Customs, Currency & Airport Tax regulations.


– 2 l spirits or wine, 3 l of beer, 400 cigarettes, 100 cigars, 500 grams of tobacco, 5 kg of tea, 3 kg of coffee and personal jewelry
– electronics, precious metals, gems and videotapes – must be declared on arrival
– the total value of imported goods should not exceed $ 300
– dogs and cats need both a good health and a rabies certificate


– weapons, explosives, firecrackers, pornographic and “politically objectionable” materials
– cigarettes above the permissible limit, antiques, drugs

Bying all the items that could be considered antiques,– keep your receipts for any customs control. Antiquities can be;exported only with a permit from the Ministry of Culture of Vietnam, the currency of Vietnam, protected animals, reptiles and birds. The requirement to prove sufficient funds to stay in Vietnam is not fixed.

Currency Import regulations

Local currency (Vietnamese Dong):
No restrictions.
Amounts exceeding 15 000 000 VND – must be;declared on arrival.
Foreign currencies:
No restrictions.
Amounts exceeding $ 5 000 (or equivalent) – must be;declared on arrival.
Amounts under $ 5 000 (or equivalent) to be deposited in credit institutions and branches of foreign banks must also be;declared on arrival.

Currency Export regulations

Local currency (Vietnamese Dong):
No restrictions.
Amounts exceeding 15 000 000 VND – must be;declared on departure.
Foreign currencies:
No restrictions.
Amounts exceeding $ 5 000 (or equivalent) – must be;declared upon. Proof of expenses’s, required.

How to fill-in the e-visa application form in the National web portal of immigration (only 1-month e-visa, single entry). Watch video tutorial (official video of Visa Online Vietnam)

How to get Vietnam visa, consulate in Houston, United States

Vietnamese visa policy for US citizens has changed one more time. The 1-year multiple entry visa is no longer the only choice for US passport holders. 1-month visas, 3-month visas are now available with the new 6-month visas. Stamping fees changed accordingly.

Vietnam visa in houston

Vietnam visa for US citizens

1. Apply for Visa on arrival

Although the embassies/consulates has never acknowledged Vietnam visa on arrival, it’s still the favorite option of foreign travelers including the US today with its easier, quicker and cheaper process. If there is a chance to save money, time and energy, the experienced travelers will always take it with quick consideration. Why should you apply for a visa on arrival and with Vietnam visa easy? Here is our answer:

  • Time saving: 1-2 working days processing
  • Money saving: at least 30% cheaper than the traditional way
  • Convenience: no passport send off, no embassy chase-down.
  • Accessibility: 100% online, send and receive via email.

So, Vietnam visa on arrival, does it mean the visa can be issued on arrival? Yes.  But be aware of that you need obtain visa approval in advance to be granted visa stamp upon arrival. One more thing, the letter works well at any of Vietnam’s international airports (Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh) but it’s powerless at land borders.

No more than four steps, you will get your visa on arrival approval in no time:

  • Fill out online visa application form provided by the Visa on arrival agent (based in Vietnam) with exact information as shown in passport. Double check to avoid mistakes.

Get Vietnam E-visa step by step

  • Make payment online through secured payment gateway with your credit or debit card.
  • Print out Visa approval letter sent to your email after 2 processing days together with entry-exit form NA1.
  • Get visa stamped at arrival airport in Vietnam.

Standard processing time for a tourist visa is 2 days, and business visa 5 days. For emergency services, please check out Vietnam visa fee structure.

Print out the letter and the entry-exit form and use them to board the plane. At the arrival airport’s visa on arrival counter, present all the said documents with your passport and stamping fee:

  • $25 for single entry 1-month and 3-month visas.
  • $50 for multiple entry 1-month and 3-month visas.
  • $95 for multiple entry 6-month visas.
  • $135 for multiple entry 1-year visas.

Please take note that you are allowed to enter Vietnam from the date of entry submitted in the application form.

Upon arrival, you should head to the Visa on Arrival/Landing Visa counter and submit the passport, visa approval, 01 passport photo, entry-exit form and pay stamping fee. Then take a seat and wait for your name to be;called. Depending on the queue, the stamping process may take around 10-20 minutes. If you desire an urgent visa stamp, it’s time to use stamping assistance service.

2. Apply with Vietnamese embassy/consulate from Houston, Texas

First thing to know, there is a Consulate General of Vietnam based at Houston, Texas, United States.

Address: 5251 Westheimer Rd, Suite 1100, Houston, Texas 77056, United States

Tel: 713-850-1233 | 713-840-0096

Second, here is checklist of documents;needed in application submitted at embassy/consulate:

  • Application form (available on website of the embassy/consulate):  You can complete the form online or download its PDF form and fill out.  If you have had the visa approval, put its number into the form. Otherwise, contact us for the letter or the embassy/consulate will process it for you at additional fee.
  • Original passport valid for at least 06 months: If you request a loose-leaf visa or apply by email, then the passport copy is required instead of the origin.
  • 01 passport-sized photo with white background, 01 additional photo’s needed for application of loose-leaf visa.
  • Visa fee (stamping fee included): must be money order, or cashier’s check, or company check.  Cash’s accepted for in-person application. The fee is dependent on visa type you apply for. The fee structure of each embassy/ consulate is different. Please take note that you cannot receive the refund if application is refused or you want to cancel application.
  • Prepaid self-addressed envelope is needed if you want to have the passport returned by post (FedEx is recommended).

vietnam visa consulate in houston


  • Make sure your passport has at least 6 months of validity and left pages.
  • Visa on arrival is only available with air travelers.
  • Different staying durations allowed with different long-term visas: 90 days (6-month and 1-year multiple entry tourist visas); 180 days (6-month multiple entry business visa); 365 days (1-year multiple entry business visa).

For other nationals in Houston:

  • Please not that for most of other countries there are only 10 (or only 8 for some countries) Vietnam visa types, which are applicable: 1-month single/multiple entry tourist/business visas, 3-month single/multiple entry tourist/business visas, 6-month multiple entry business visa and 1-year multiple entry business visa (while US citizens can apply for 6-month and 1-year multiple entry tourist visas).
  • Some nationals from Africa and Middle East can actually obtain a Vietnam visa without a Vietnamese sponsor. Vietnam visa for Africans will cost more than other countries.
  • And click here for visa process for Europe citizens.

We have shared the overall information of How to get a Vietnam visa from Houston. If you do not find the information you want, please feel free to contact us at hotline: +84 968 18 77 18 or support email: