Get Vietnam Tourist Visa 2018

Get Vietnam tourist visa

Vietnam has been on our travel list for a long time, and finally, we managed to organize one month trip around the country. Different from the countries we visited in this two years travelling the world, in Vietnam we need to apply for the tourist visa in advance. So our first post about this trip it’s a very informative and practical one: How to get the online Vietnam tourist visa, or also called Vietnam Visa On Arrival.

First of all, do you need a tourist visa for Vietnam? Not sure? So check on the Vietnam Embassy website on your country, there are few nationalities that don’t need to apply for the Vietnam tourist visa and can receive the immigration stamp for free. We are not the lucky ones, we have Brazilian passport so we need to apply for the Vietnamese tourist visa and pay for the process.

If you are on the same boat as us, there are a few things you must know before getting your Vietnamese Visa. You can apply for a tourist visa at a Vietnamese Embassy, or you can do the process for the Vietnam tourist visa online and get the VOA [Vietnam Visa On Arrival]. This type of visa is only issued if you gonna arrive in Vietnam by air, if you are planning to cross the border by bus it’s a different story, you must get the visa via the embassy. A third option to get your Vietnamese Visa is being discussed by the government, we’ll update the post as soon as we receive the right information.

How to apply for Vietnam Tourist Visa or Vietnam Visa on Arrival?

To apply for the Vietnam visa online you need to a find a trustworthy online company that will handle the paperwork and give you all the information and forms needed for the process. We choose and the process was really easy and smooth.

Vietnam visa processing

1- Step to apply for the Vietnamese Tourist Visa:

You have to fill the form online and pay the tourist visa application fee. The online form must have all your personal details, your travel dates, the duration of your trip and if you are applying for Vietnam online visa single entry or multiple entries. Then the company will send your details to the Vietnam Immigration Department, they will issue a letter confirming that you are travelling to Vietnam and that your visa on arrival process is open.

Vietnam visa application form
Vietnam visa application form

2- Step to get the Vietnam Visa on Arrival: will send to you another form that you must print and fill by hand, also the copy of the immigration letter. With these two documents and your passport, you can fly to Vietnam. Keep these documents on your hand luggage, some airlines will check your tourist visa application before boarding the plane.

3- Step of how to get the Vietnam Tourist Visa:

When you arrive at the airport you must find the Landing Visa signal. At Ho Chi Minh airport is very easy to find it, follow the signs and you will see the counter and seats just beside the passport control.

At the Landing Visa counter, you will give them the form filled by you, the letter from and two passport photos. They will get your documents and ask you to wait. Take a seat and wait until the officer call your name. We landed in Ho Chi Minh around 5:30pm, there was a small queue at the Landing Visa counter and we waited about 40 minutes to finish the visa on arrival process.

When the immigration officer gives back your passport with the Vietnam tourist visa stuck on it, you have to pay the visa fee. After that you are free to pass by the passport control and receive the welcoming stamp.

How much is the online application for the Vietnam Tourist Visa on Arrival?

To get the Vietnamese visa on arrival you have to pay two fees. The first one is paid to the company, in our case The payment is online, and you could pay via credit card, PayPal and even Western Union.

There are a few companies processing the visas for Vietnam, and the price can vary among them. I would suggest you not to choose the company based only on the price, choose one that you heard positive reviews. Be smart and avoid online scams. Your travel to Vietnam depends on the visa, so make sure you choose the right company to start your trip hassle free.

Then the second fee you pay is for the Vietnam Tourist Visa itself, 25 usd in cash straight to the Immigration officer. Very easy! Ahhh, don’t forget your passport photos, otherwise they will take the photos and you will be charged an extra amount for it.

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The visa online is easier than the visa you get from the Vietnam Embassy?

We never did the process to get the visa for Vietnam via an Embassy, but based on our researches, we figured out that the process for Vietnamese visa on arrival is easier and faster than via Embassy.

  • You don’t need to give or send your passport to anywhere.
  • You don’t need to wait for the embassy, and for the post office to process your documents and deliver them.
  • What you pay for the Vietnam visa online is almost the same you would pay for Vietnam Embassy. Some cases, like in Brasil, the online Vietnamese visa application is cheaper than doing via embassy.
  • The application for Vietnam tourist visa on arrival takes about 2 working days. And the Vietnam visa you get through the online process have the same rights, conditions and limitations as the visa issued by the Vietnam Embassy.

Would we recommend to do the Vietnam Tourist Visa on Arrival process and the services of Visaonlinevietnam?

Sure! The online process was very easy and fast. gave us a quick reply, all our documents and letter were correct, and we had no problem when we arrived at the immigration office in the airport. Also they gave us all the information about how to find the Landing Visa counter, that might be a queue there and we would have to wait. Very clear and straightforward information.

Apart from the time we had to wait everything was super easy and smooth!!!

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Are you planning a trip to Vietnam? Have you applied for the Vietnam tourist visa on arrival? Click here and start your online process right now, or if you have any doubts leave a comment, we are more than happy to help!