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Obtaining an Urgent Vietnam Visa

Urgent Vietnam Visa

Traveling to Vietnam can be an exciting and enriching experience for many individuals. However, the process of obtaining a visa can sometimes pose challenges, especially when there’s a need for urgent travel. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about securing an urgent Vietnam visa. From the who and what to the pros and cons, alternatives, step-by-step instructions, comparisons, tips, and the best approaches, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive in and unravel the mysteries of acquiring an urgent Vietnam visa!

Who Needs an Urgent Vietnam Visa?

Before we delve into the intricacies of obtaining an urgent Vietnam visa, it is essential to determine who actually needs one. Generally, citizens of most countries are required to obtain a visa before they can enter Vietnam. However, certain nationalities enjoy visa exemptions for a specified period. To find out if you require a visa, visit the official website of the Embassy of Vietnam or consult with your local Vietnamese consulate.

What is an Urgent Vietnam Visa?

Obtaining an Urgent Vietnam Visa

An urgent Vietnam visa allows travelers to expedite the visa application process, ensuring that they receive their visa in a shorter time frame than the standard processing time. This is particularly beneficial for those who have last-minute travel plans or unforeseen circumstances that require immediate entry into Vietnam.

When Should You Apply for an Urgent Vietnam Visa?

Obtaining an Urgent Vietnam Visa

Timing is crucial when it comes to applying for an urgent Vietnam visa. It is advisable to initiate the visa application process as soon as you become aware of your travel plans. The earlier you apply, the more time you have to address any potential issues or delays that may arise during the application process.

How to Apply for an Urgent Vietnam Visa?

Applying for an urgent Vietnam visa involves several steps which we will outline below:

  1. Determine the Type of Visa: The first step is to determine the type of visa that best suits your travel needs. Vietnam offers different visa categories, including tourist visas, business visas, and diplomatic visas, among others.
  1. Choose the Application Method: There are various ways to apply for a Vietnam visa, including applying in person at the Vietnamese embassy or consulate, utilizing an online visa service, or opting for a visa on arrival if arriving by air. For urgent situations, it may be more efficient to use an online visa service or apply for a visa on arrival.
  1. Gather the Required Documents: Prepare the necessary documents for your visa application, such as a valid passport, completed visa application form, passport-sized photos, and any additional supporting documents required for your specific visa category.
  1. Submit Your Application: Submit your visa application along with the required documents through your chosen application method. Ensure that all information provided is accurate and complete to avoid any delays or complications.
  1. Pay the Visa Fees: Pay the applicable visa fees, which may vary depending on your nationality and the type of visa you are applying for. It is important to check the current visa fees and payment methods accepted by the Vietnamese embassy or consulate.
  1. Monitor Your Application: Keep track of your visa application’s progress and stay in touch with the relevant authorities or service provider to ensure a smooth process. In urgent cases, it may be helpful to inquire about expedited processing options.
  1. Receive Your Urgent Vietnam Visa: Once your visa application is approved, you will receive your urgent Vietnam visa either electronically or affixed in your passport, depending on the application method chosen.

Pros and Cons of Obtaining an Urgent Vietnam Visa

Like any other process, obtaining an urgent Vietnam visa has its pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look at both sides:


  • Quick Processing Time: The main advantage of getting an urgent Vietnam visa is the accelerated processing time, allowing you to obtain your visa in a shorter period.
  • Flexibility: With an urgent visa, you have the flexibility to make last-minute travel plans or handle unforeseen circumstances that necessitate immediate entry into Vietnam.


  • Higher Costs: Expedited services often come at an additional cost. Applying for an urgent Vietnam visa may incur higher fees compared to regular visa applications.
  • Increased Stress: The urgency and time constraints associated with an urgent visa application can create additional stress and pressure on the applicant.

Alternatives to an Urgent Vietnam Visa

If obtaining an urgent Vietnam visa is not feasible or practical for your specific situation, there are alternative options to consider. These alternatives may provide you with the necessary authorization to enter Vietnam promptly:

  1. Visa Exemption: Check if your country is eligible for a visa exemption to enter Vietnam. Some nationalities can enter without a visa for a specified period, which might align with your travel needs.
  1. Extended Planning: If time allows, plan your trip well in advance, allowing for the regular visa application process and avoiding the need foran urgent visa. This approach gives you ample time to gather the required documents, apply through the standard process, and receive your visa within the usual processing timeframe.
  1. Visa on Arrival: If you are traveling to Vietnam by air, another alternative is to opt for a visa on arrival. This method allows you to apply for a visa upon arrival at one of Vietnam’s international airports. However, please note that this option may not be suitable for truly urgent situations, as there might still be some waiting time involved upon arrival.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Obtain an Urgent Vietnam Visa

To help you navigate the process with ease, here is a step-by-step guide on obtaining an urgent Vietnam visa:

  1. Determine Your Visa Type: Identify the category of visa that aligns with the purpose of your visit to Vietnam, such as tourism, business, or study. Each visa type has specific requirements and documentation.
  1. Choose an Expedited Service Provider: Research and select a reputable service provider that offers expedited visa processing services for Vietnam. Ensure they have a track record of reliability and positive customer feedback.
  1. Complete the Application Form: Fill out the visa application form accurately and completely. Provide all necessary information, including personal details, travel dates, and purpose of visit. Make sure to review your entries for any errors or omissions before submitting.
  1. Prepare Required Documents: Gather all the required documents for your visa application, such as a valid passport, passport-sized photos, proof of accommodation in Vietnam, travel itinerary, and any additional documents specific to your visa type.
  1. Submit Your Application: Submit your completed application form and supporting documents to the expedited service provider. Follow their instructions regarding submission methods, whether it’s online through their website or via email.
  1. Pay the Expedited Processing Fee: Pay the applicable fee for expedited visa processing. The fee may vary depending on the service provider and the urgency of your request. Ensure that you understand the payment methods accepted by the service provider.
  1. Track Your Application: Stay in touch with the expedited service provider throughout the application process. Regularly inquire about the status of your visa application and any additional information they may need to expedite the process.
  1. Receive Your Urgent Vietnam Visa: Once your visa application is approved, the expedited service provider will provide you with the approved visa. Depending on the service provider, you may receive an electronic visa or a physical visa sticker affixed to your passport.

Comparing Different Options for Urgent Vietnam Visas

When it comes to obtaining an urgent Vietnam visa, there are different options available. Let’s compare two popular methods: online visa services and visa on arrival.

Online Visa Services:

  • Pros:
    • Convenience: Applying through an online visa service allows you to complete the process from the comfort of your own home.
    • Expedited Processing: Many online visa services offer accelerated processing times, ensuring you receive your visa promptly.
    • Dedicated Support: Reputable online visa services often provide customer support to address any inquiries or concerns you may have during the application process.
  • Cons:
    • Additional Fees: Using an online visa service usually incurs additional fees compared to applying directly through the embassy or consulate.
    • Dependency on Service Provider: Your experience largely depends on the reliability and efficiency of the chosen online visa service provider.

Visa on Arrival:

  • Pros:
    • Availability: Visa on arrival is available for travelers arriving by air at Vietnam’s international airports.
    • Flexibility: You can obtain a visa upon arrival, eliminating the need for pre-application and allowing for last-minute travel plans.
    • Time Savings: Visa on arrival can save time compared to the regular visa application process.
  • Cons:
    • Limited to Air Travel: Visa on arrival is only applicable for air travel. If you plan to enter Vietnam through land or sea borders, this option is not available.
    • Potential Waiting Time: While visa on arrival is faster than regular applications, there might still be some waiting time upon arrival for the visa to be issued.

Tips for Obtaining an Urgent Vietnam Visa

Consider the following tips to optimize your experience when applying for an urgent Vietnam visa:

  1. Plan Ahead: Whenever possible, plan your trip well in advance to avoid the need for an urgent visa. This gives you more time to complete the application and reduces stress.
  1. Double-Check Requirements: Ensure that you have all the necessary documents and meet the requirements for the specific visa category you are applying for. Review the information provided by the Vietnamese embassy or consulate carefully.
  1. Choose a Reliable Service Provider: If you decide to use an online visa service, research and select a reputable provider with positive reviews and a track record of efficient service delivery.
  1. Be Accurate and Complete: Fill out the visa application formmeticulously, providing accurate and complete information. Any errors or omissions may cause delays or complications in the processing of your visa application.
  1. Follow Instructions: Pay close attention to the instructions provided by the service provider or the Vietnamese embassy/consulate. Adhere to the specific guidelines for document submission, payment, and any additional requirements.
  1. Monitor Communication: Stay in regular communication with the service provider or embassy/consulate to ensure that you are up to date with the progress of your application. Respond promptly to any requests for additional information or clarifications.
  1. Keep Copies: Make copies of all the documents you submit, including the application form, supporting documents, and payment receipts. These copies can be useful for reference or in case of any loss or mishap during the application process.
  1. Be Mindful of Timelines: Time is of the essence when applying for an urgent visa. Ensure that you are aware of the processing timeframes and any specific deadlines related to your travel plans.

The Best Approach to Obtaining an Urgent Vietnam Visa

Considering all factors, the best approach to obtaining an urgent Vietnam visa depends on your individual circumstances and preferences. However, one recommended approach is to use a reputable online visa service that specializes in expedited visa processing. These services often offer efficient processing times, dedicated customer support, and a streamlined application process.

By choosing a reliable online visa service, you can benefit from the convenience of applying online, prompt processing, and guidance throughout the application journey. Be sure to research different service providers, read reviews, and compare their offerings before making a decision.


Securing an urgent Vietnam visa doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By following the steps outlined in this comprehensive guide, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the process smoothly. Remember to plan ahead, choose the right application method, gather all required documents, and stay informed about the progress of your application. With a little preparation and the right approach, you’ll soon find yourself ready to embark on your journey to Vietnam.


Q1: Can I apply for an urgent Vietnam visa if I have already booked my flights?

Yes, you can apply for an urgent Vietnam visa even if you have already booked your flights. It is recommended to start the visa application process as soon as possible to ensure sufficient time for processing.

Q2: How long does it take to obtain an urgent Vietnam visa?

The processing time for an urgent Vietnam visa varies depending on the chosen application method and service provider. Generally, expedited visa processing can range from a few hours to a few days.

Q3: Can I extend an urgent Vietnam visa if needed?

Yes, it is possible to extend your Vietnam visa if necessary. However, visa extensions are subject to specific conditions and requirements set by the Vietnamese immigration authorities. It is advisable to consult with the relevant authorities or seek professional assistance for visa extension procedures.

Q4: Is applying for an urgent Vietnam visa more expensive than a regular visa?

Yes, applying for an urgent Vietnam visa often incurs additional fees compared to regular visa applications. The exact cost may vary depending on the chosen application method and service provider.

Q5: Can I get a refund if my urgent Vietnam visa application is denied?

Refund policies vary among different service providers and embassies/consulates. It is important to review the refund policy of your chosen service provider or consult with the embassy/consulate regarding their refund regulations in case of visa application denial.

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