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Rating some of best websites Visa-on-arrival Vietnam that travelers have to know.

I will summary some of websites about the Visa-on-arrival Vietnam through Vietnam visa agencies that’s bring many suggestions, tips about the process how to get a Visa in Vietnam.

If you want to have a trip in Vietnam for travel or business, you can get a visa at a nearest consulate or embassy. The time of processing fast or slow that depend on your country you live. Some of tips you should know if you want to get a visa easier include: a passport has over 6 months valid, 4cm x 6cm photo color taken within the nearest 6 months, visa stamping fee about 25usd to 135usd for single visa and multiple visa, the letter of approval to get visa at airport from the third-party. You have to show all of these for an Immigration Officer of landing visa when you are it the airport of Vietnam.

Getting approval letter of visa, asking us for processing it, checking our website and filling out your information after that paying a service fee, you will get the approval letter within the processing time that you chose.

Some of best websites to get Vietnam Visa Online

Looking for “Vietnam visa agency” or “Vietnam visa service” on searching tools, the result will appear so complex. Being careful with unreliable third-parties searched on Google. Following with your desire, the author will recommend the list of qualified visa agency which long time experience for visa process on arrival to Vietnam. Not only good at visa service include business visa, they are also good at tourist, booking hotel and flight. Assuring with the client, the approval letter will be passed by Immigration Department of Vietnam.

Trust worthy Vietnam Visa Agencies

  1. Visavietnamonline.org

Visaonlinevietnam.com has been established since 2002, located in Ho Chi Minh city with strong skills in processing Visa on Arrival to Vietnam including visa for working and tourism. The service of them are inclusive and understand thoroughly customer. The process of applying is quite quick and smooth. I email for them a question whenever without exception, they will response immediately within the same hour. Almost our customers are satisfied about this service because it’s so simple. That’s so surprise when the visa approval letter on processing for 2 working days for travel and 2-4 working days for business visa.

2. Hotels-in-Vietnam.com

The Tun Travel has a visa service with another competent visa agency in Vietnam having a website is “Hotels-in-Vietnam.com”. All of head office and branches based in both Ho Chi Minh city and Ha Noi. Their website are good design and simple arrangement. The customer service of them can speak German, English, French, etc. will contact with you if you put your information and question for them as soon as possible.

3. MyVietnamVisa.com

This is another visa agency with a qualified skill. Although I haven’t used their services before. Many good things about their services are from my reviewer, that’s the reason why I recommend them in this post.

The letter for customer which will be gotten by agencies has the form like this:

In most cases, applying to get a visa have to process by many complexes of legal and force documents such as contract of labor, time to travel, the bank statement, etc. sometimes, the event comes up suddenly, no one else has time to prepare it. That’s reason why Visa on Arrival is more popular than others.

The description for processing proceedings of the Vietnam Visa on Arrival.

Visa on arrival is released by other competent agencies or the Embassy in abroad countries. This Visa is more feasible and easy-going than the traditional visa. That reason is finished in a brief processing time and no complex documents are requested. The foreigners don’t need to come immediately to the Embassy (even their country doesn’t have Vietnamese Embassy) but they can make an online application everywhere.

When you have the approval letter in hand, you can certainly come to Vietnam. This letter is released by the Immigration Department of Vietnam concerning clearly that the regularized individual is a chance to take visa upon arrival.

Achieving Approval Letter  

It is not difficult to get approval letter for Visa on Arrival because it’s very easy. You just go to the reliable Travel Agencies websites or get in touch them immediately by emails. But an online application is ok. In emergency case like lack of information exchange, you can send email and ask the agency about your problem.

Some of basic information including passport information must be had, sometimes you need to show your hotel booking as well. No hard documents are requested for the process of Visa on Arrival and almost information will be sent by email easily.

Ultimate conclusion, after the application moved to Immigration Department of Vietnam, the letter will be signed by the Chief of Department and they will announce the result for the Travel Agencies. The unique code and reference number are different on each letter that are verified by Immigration Check Point at Vietnam airports (international airports). The application is lack of requirement to bring with original letter and a print of it is sufficient. As for upon arrival, the applicant should bring a hard copy letter that was sent by Agency through email, then make a short interview with the officers of Immigration Check Point at the airports. The visa will be stamped on the passport if all the information is approved.

Limitationapplied for Visa on Arrival Application

The Visa on Arrival is only valid for the applicants come to Vietnam by airplane. Cause is this visa is released and stamped by Immigration Check point at international airports. There are four international airports at Vietnam:

Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City.

Cam Ranh International Airport in Nha Trang.

Danang Airport in Da Nang.

Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi.

The limitation of it to beware of the applicants want to get through ports and borders, etc.

The requirement of photo

The Visa on Arrival need two photos, it is not difficult for the people want to come Vietnam. The size of photographs is 4 x 6 cm and fit with photographs passport size. Don’t worry if you put it at home, there are a photo service at internationals airport support for you that’s just for emergency case. Applicants have to bring the photos and other necessary documents. Avoiding with many troubles of it, the applicants should prepare it at home is the best way to get through the Immigration quickly. For instance, you can go to a CVS Pharmacy (USA residence) or some of quick photo station which will take photo for you.

Significant dates for the Application

Sometimes, the foreigner can’t set up exactly the date travel to Vietnam. In this case, this is not big problem. The tips for them is the applicant should complete the entry date earlier than the temporary date. Because, it just valid from the date you filled out in the letter but not before that date.


In brief, the good choice for people want to come Vietnam is Visa on Arrival. Online application can be completed at home, get approval letter after few days, complete a form, taken for 2 photos and then you are waiting for the day flight to Vietnam.

Don’t forget the stamping fee (immigration fee) that’s very important. The fee will collect at the immigration Checkpoint directly at the airport. From 25$ to 50$ fee for each option you want to choose. But in most cases, you should prepare $150 upon arrival because the stamping fee just accept cash not by credit cash.

Only tips for U.S Citizens: from December 15th2016, passport of USA can apply for visa on arrival with a wide rage than others. There are 1-month visa, 3-month visa (single or multiple entry), 6-month visa (multiple entry) and 1-year visa (multiple entry).

The board of Vietnam visa feeat Vietnam Consulate in Ho Chi Minh city

***Attention: Fees can be changed for year or not***

This is all of the information about the Visa on Arrival is quite easy and simple. It is the best way for the foreigner want to travel in Vietnam both tourism and business purposes. You can follow all of recommend suitable for your demand to get a Visa on Arrival to Vietnam.Enjoying the trips in Vietnam easy with Visa on Arrival. Let’s do it now.


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Without Vietnam visa, where can US citizens travel?

The only place where US residents can travel without a Vietnam visa is Phu Quoc Islands. Following, decision 80 regulations: Both Vietnamese and Foreigners who bring abroad passports to enter, exit or live in Phu Quoc island are allowed from visa with a temporary stay of not more than 30 days. In case abroad visitors enter border gate of Vietnam both air and sea, staying in a transit area at that border gate and transfer to Phu Quoc island also allowed from visa according to regulations. The decision will be effective from March 10, 2014.

Almost the tourist often stays, travels on Phu Quoc Island, Mr. Winand Curvers is Dutch citizens who are very satisfied about the Government of Vietnam has released many good policies for Phu Quoc, involve visa exemption policy for abroad visitors staying in this island. Mr. Winand Curvers said: “he is very thankful to the Vietnam Government cause for releasing a 30-day visa exemption policy for all foreigner travel to Phu Quoc. In fact, the Vietnam Government has special interests for abroad visitors to come to the temporary island, he felt very pleasure. He will express this new policy for friends when he arrives in Phu Quoc.”

For the case, when you arrived to Phu Quoc island, travelers want to move other locations, the entry and exit management agency will consider releasing visas at Phu Quoc island. In case for you want to stay in Phu Quoc island with a temporary stay or more than 30 days, the temporary residence extension will be considered by the immigration authorities.

If you want to discover anywhere in Vietnam and avoiding the interruption by this problem. The best way for you to apply for a Vietnam visa when you arrive. After do 4 basic steps:

  • Step 1: Completing details of your trip, flight and passport information on apply form
  • Step 2: Paying the fee then receive confirmation
  • Step 3: Take Approval Letter
  • Step 4: Upon landing, present approval letter to get visa stamped at Landing visa counter.

The fees of Vietnam visa for the US 2019

For instance: Applying for the 1-month single tourist visa for 1 person for a normal process, you will pay $10 for processing fee to get a visa approval letter and pay $25 for fee of stamp later at an airport. To get faster (urgent) visa within 4-8 working hours, you should pay $15 extra fee or getting an emergency visa within 1-4 working hours, you have to pay $45 extra fee.

Useful information

– The passport of American citizen must at least 6 month validity and left pages from travel date before applying Vietnam Visa on arrival online.

– American citizen must be traveled to Vietnam by air if they use Visa on arrival.

– When you get a visa, travel around Vietnam not only Phu Quoc Island or vice versa.

Indochina Travel Packages: Tours Vietnam Laos Cambodia & Idea Itinerary

Vietnam is a beautiful country with a long coastal beach stretching from north to south. There are many  attraction tourist. Travelers should choose a worthy travel company then enjoy the vacation. Let your vacation smoothly in Vietnam and you do not worry about visa to Vietnam because we will be there.

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Instructing for Macau citizens get Vietnam visa for success 99%

According from the Legal of Vietnam:

  • Law on entry, exit, transit and residence of foreigners in Vietnam in 2014;
  • Circular No. 04/2015 / TT-BCA of the Ministry of Public Security dated January 5, 2015, regulating sample papers related to entry, exit, and residence of foreigners in Vietnam;
  • Circular No. 219/2016 / TT-BTC of the Ministry of Finance dated November 10, 2016, Regulating the rates, collection, remittance, management and use of fees and charges in the field of exit and entry, too scene, reside in Vietnam.

Take a visa at the Vietnam agency of foreign exchange at Macau

There is one of three forms of Vietnam visa for people who lives in Macau. By the way, preparing the needed documents after that submit them to the Vietnamese diplomatic mission in Macau or in a third nations. (For instance, citizens of Macau who lives in USA can fill it at the Vietnamese Embassy in the United States).

Recently day, the representative office of Vietnam’s government not available in Macau. Due to get visa code and visa stamped, Macau citizens could connect with Vietnamese Embassy in the nearest country to ask for a visa with them.

There are some country has an Embassy of Vietnam: Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Laos, Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Brunei, South Korea & Malaysia, etc.

Using electronic visa form (e-visa) to get Vietnam visa for Macau citizens

E-Visa Vietnam apply online

One of the new policies at Vietnam are Electronic visas, e-visas or evisa that can just applied to shorten administrative procedures. Recently day, this form has approved by the Government of Vietnam for 80 countries and territories, including Macau.

Macau citizens want to get a Vietnamese visa, in this case, they will be done via an electronic portal at here. Clicking on this link then complete your information, follow the instruction step by step then get the results.


– More benefits than the first form, just fill out the right information and wait for approval;

-Low fees in order to withdrawing some steps.


-Using website with complex background , not user-friendly;

-Just applicable to some types of visas;

-Spending more time for waiting approval.

Using visas on arrival for Macau citizens to get Vietnam visa.

This is some of tips to get Vietnam visa for Macau citizens with most used and benefits.

Due to apply for a Vietnam visa via this form, citizens of Macau must ask international travel agencies and worthy organizations that make sure their customers and partners to Vietnam with a lot of different purposes.

These agencies will apply for a guarantee of foreigners going in Vietnam and get approval from the Immigration Department. The Macau people will get an Official Letter of Entry and may begin with entry procedures to Vietnam at the international airport when they upon approval.

Pros:Fast, responsive immediately, the rate to get visa high.

Cons: Just get a stamp at Vietnam international airport.

Useful tips:

The German makes sure their passport has at least 6 month validity and left pages from travel date when apply Vietnam Visa on arrival online.

It just for Germans entering to Vietnam by air through Visa on arrival.

Vietnam is a beautiful country that’s stretching from north to south, there are lots of famous tourist attractions. Choosing the best tourist attractions then enjoy your vacation in Vietnam and you do not worry about visa to Vietnam because we will be there

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New update information of Vietnam visa| Visa to Vietnam 2019

Vietnam Government has issued resolutions which are related to Vietnam visa for foreigners. Let’s check the new information of Vietnam visa as below. New update information of Vietnam visa you need to know Vietnam Government’s consensus on the visa exemption for 5 nationalities In particular, Government has decided and approved to extend the visa waiver…

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