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How to get to Vietnam from Australia

Vietnam, with its culturally diverse, naturally exquisite, rich history and the friendly people, is becoming increasingly popular among tourists from all over the world, including Australians.

In this post, we will deal with how to get to Vietnam from Australia.

Guide to get to Vietnam from Australia

Flight from Australia to Vietnam - Vietnam visa
Flight from Australia to Vietnam

Vietnam and Australia is quite far way, for example from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam to Canberra, Australia capital is 7756 km, of 4820 miles. Therefore, the only means of transportation to get you from Australia to Vietnam is airplane. There are wide ranges of airlines that you can choose from, like Vietnam Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Silkair, etc.

The price for airplane tickets from Australia to Vietnam ranges from 295 to 492 $ US Dollars, depending on the airlines, the type of flight tickets and the time of the flight. It also takes about 12 to 23 hours to fly from Australia to Vietnam, depending on the kind of ticket you buy is the direct one or the one that needs transit. For example, Asiana Airlines flights from Australia to Vietnam transits in Seoul, China Southern Airlines in Guangzhou and Malaysia Airlines in Kuala Lumpur…

Obviously the direct flights take less time but cost more money. The transit ones are more suitable for those who do not mind staying in the airplane for a long period of time and want to save some money for other purposes. There are many options when choosing an airplane ticket from Australia to Vietnam, so you can choose whichever is most suitable for you.

Vietnam Visa for Australians

Vietnam visa for Australians
Vietnam visa for Australians

Australia passport holders are also required to have a visa if they wish to visit Vietnam. There are two ways that Australians can get a Vietnam visa. The first one is arranging a visa at Vietnam embassy prior to departure, and the second option is obtaining an official approval letter to get a visa on arrival. Full details of these two options are available here: Vietnam visa for Australian citizens.

Which type of visa you should choose, regarding number of entries into Vietnam

The single entry visa is the standard type, which means that you can only enter Vietnam once. Therefore, when leaving the country, it is impossible to come back to the country using the previous visa.

If you have the plan to leave Vietnam and return on the same trip, you are required to apply for a multiple entry visa prior to your trip. Please be noted that the single entry visa cannot be changed into multiple entry visa if you visa/visa approval letter has been issued.

There are some requirements that you should put into consideration if wanting to apply successfully for Vietnam visa. First of all, your passport should be at least 6-month valid from the last day you intend to stay in Vietnam. Also if you have plan to travel to some neighboring countries of Vietnam like Laos or Cambodia, it is compulsory to note that they have the similar rules. So it is better to carefully check your passport before your departure to Vietnam to prevent unwanted incidents.

Also, according to the Vietnamese law and regulation, all foreign visitors are required register residency places. For this reason, all hotels will ask you to show your passport before check-in

Note:  Remember to bring necessary documents to your arrival airport.