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Without Vietnam visa, where can US citizens travel?

The only place where US residents can travel without a Vietnam visa is Phu Quoc Islands. Following, decision 80 regulations: Both Vietnamese and Foreigners who bring abroad passports to enter, exit or live in Phu Quoc island are allowed from visa with a temporary stay of not more than 30 days. In case abroad visitors enter border gate of Vietnam both air and sea, staying in a transit area at that border gate and transfer to Phu Quoc island also allowed from visa according to regulations. The decision will be effective from March 10, 2014.

Almost the tourist often stays, travels on Phu Quoc Island, Mr. Winand Curvers is Dutch citizens who are very satisfied about the Government of Vietnam has released many good policies for Phu Quoc, involve visa exemption policy for abroad visitors staying in this island. Mr. Winand Curvers said: “he is very thankful to the Vietnam Government cause for releasing a 30-day visa exemption policy for all foreigner travel to Phu Quoc. In fact, the Vietnam Government has special interests for abroad visitors to come to the temporary island, he felt very pleasure. He will express this new policy for friends when he arrives in Phu Quoc.”

For the case, when you arrived to Phu Quoc island, travelers want to move other locations, the entry and exit management agency will consider releasing visas at Phu Quoc island. In case for you want to stay in Phu Quoc island with a temporary stay or more than 30 days, the temporary residence extension will be considered by the immigration authorities.

If you want to discover anywhere in Vietnam and avoiding the interruption by this problem. The best way for you to apply for a Vietnam visa when you arrive. After do 4 basic steps:

  • Step 1: Completing details of your trip, flight and passport information on apply form
  • Step 2: Paying the fee then receive confirmation
  • Step 3: Take Approval Letter
  • Step 4: Upon landing, present approval letter to get visa stamped at Landing visa counter.

The fees of Vietnam visa for the US 2019

For instance: Applying for the 1-month single tourist visa for 1 person for a normal process, you will pay $10 for processing fee to get a visa approval letter and pay $25 for fee of stamp later at an airport. To get faster (urgent) visa within 4-8 working hours, you should pay $15 extra fee or getting an emergency visa within 1-4 working hours, you have to pay $45 extra fee.

Useful information

– The passport of American citizen must at least 6 month validity and left pages from travel date before applying Vietnam Visa on arrival online.

– American citizen must be traveled to Vietnam by air if they use Visa on arrival.

– When you get a visa, travel around Vietnam not only Phu Quoc Island or vice versa.

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Vietnam is a beautiful country with a long coastal beach stretching from north to south. There are many  attraction tourist. Travelers should choose a worthy travel company then enjoy the vacation. Let your vacation smoothly in Vietnam and you do not worry about visa to Vietnam because we will be there.