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How to get to Vietnam from Australia

Vietnam, with its culturally diverse, naturally exquisite, rich history and the friendly people, is becoming increasingly popular among tourists from all over the world, including Australians.

In this post, we will deal with how to get to Vietnam from Australia.

Guide to get to Vietnam from Australia

Flight from Australia to Vietnam - Vietnam visa
Flight from Australia to Vietnam

Vietnam and Australia is quite far way, for example from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam to Canberra, Australia capital is 7756 km, of 4820 miles. Therefore, the only means of transportation to get you from Australia to Vietnam is airplane. There are wide ranges of airlines that you can choose from, like Vietnam Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Silkair, etc.

The price for airplane tickets from Australia to Vietnam ranges from 295 to 492 $ US Dollars, depending on the airlines, the type of flight tickets and the time of the flight. It also takes about 12 to 23 hours to fly from Australia to Vietnam, depending on the kind of ticket you buy is the direct one or the one that needs transit. For example, Asiana Airlines flights from Australia to Vietnam transits in Seoul, China Southern Airlines in Guangzhou and Malaysia Airlines in Kuala Lumpur…

Obviously the direct flights take less time but cost more money. The transit ones are more suitable for those who do not mind staying in the airplane for a long period of time and want to save some money for other purposes. There are many options when choosing an airplane ticket from Australia to Vietnam, so you can choose whichever is most suitable for you.

Vietnam Visa for Australians

Vietnam visa for Australians
Vietnam visa for Australians

Australia passport holders are also required to have a visa if they wish to visit Vietnam. There are two ways that Australians can get a Vietnam visa. The first one is arranging a visa at Vietnam embassy prior to departure, and the second option is obtaining an official approval letter to get a visa on arrival. Full details of these two options are available here: Vietnam visa for Australian citizens.

Which type of visa you should choose, regarding number of entries into Vietnam

The single entry visa is the standard type, which means that you can only enter Vietnam once. Therefore, when leaving the country, it is impossible to come back to the country using the previous visa.

If you have the plan to leave Vietnam and return on the same trip, you are required to apply for a multiple entry visa prior to your trip. Please be noted that the single entry visa cannot be changed into multiple entry visa if you visa/visa approval letter has been issued.

There are some requirements that you should put into consideration if wanting to apply successfully for Vietnam visa. First of all, your passport should be at least 6-month valid from the last day you intend to stay in Vietnam. Also if you have plan to travel to some neighboring countries of Vietnam like Laos or Cambodia, it is compulsory to note that they have the similar rules. So it is better to carefully check your passport before your departure to Vietnam to prevent unwanted incidents.

Also, according to the Vietnamese law and regulation, all foreign visitors are required register residency places. For this reason, all hotels will ask you to show your passport before check-in

Note:  Remember to bring necessary documents to your arrival airport.

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How to get to Vietnam from US

As you know, the time zone in Vietnam is GMT +7 and the time zone in US is GMT -7. The US is 8,429 miles/13 565 km far from Vietnam, according to Travel Math’s data.

Let’s find the answers for “How to get to Vietnam from US?” Or “How long will it take to fly from Vietnam to US?” in this article article.

How long will it take to fly from the US to Vietnam?

How long does it take to get to Vietnam from USA - Vietnam visa online
How long does it take to get to Vietnam from USA

In fact, the time of flying from the United States to Vietnam depends on many factors, including:

Where to transit? How many times of transit? and How long of transit?

Depending on which airline you choose, the transit point and transit time may vary. EVA Air, for example, is a Taiwanese airline that will transit in Taipei. Many flights have to transit to 2 or 3 points making the time to come to Vietnam quite long. Most US flights or flights from the United States to Vietnam are transited at major airports such as Taipei (TPE), Tokyo (NRT), Guangzhou (CAN), Seoul (ICN) or Singapore (SIN).

Departing point

The territory of the United States is quite large in more than 50 states and countless cities. Depending on where you depart from, the time of flying from the US to Vietnam may vary.

Weather and security

In summary, due to the factors mentioned above, the question “How many hours is it to fly from the US to Vietnam?” does not have the only answer that can fluctuate between 17 and 30 hours.

Here are some routes to Saigon (Vietnam) from a number of US cities with many tourists often choose to depart from. The transit point and flight time of each airline are listed in detail for your reference:

DepartAirlinesTransitFlight time
San JoseANATokyo19h 20m
HoustonEVA AirTaiwan21h 10m
San DiegoJALTokyo19h 35m
Santa AnaAlaska, ANASan Jose, Tokyo21h 35m
Los AngelesCathay PacificHongkong19h 15m
PhiladelphiaAmerican Airlines, Vietnam AirlinesLondon20h 30m
New YorkAir FranceParis19h 40m
SeattleKorean AirSeoul18h 40m
San FranciscoAsianaSeoul19h 40m
PortlandDelta, ANATokyo18h 50m
DallasAmerican Airlines, JALTokyo21h 10m
BostonCathay Pacific, Vietnam AirlinesHongkong20h 5m

The above table also partly answer the question “Where to transit if flying from the US to Vietnam?” and “How many times to transit?”. According to the data, the US passengers often choose to fly some familiar airlines such as EVA Air, China Airline or Vietnam Airlines because of the relatively short transit time, departure time, food, flight time, etc. with the habit of the majority of US tourists..

Which airline has the fastest flight from the US to Vietnam?

American Airlines passengers fly from Los Angeles to Vietnam with only one night on the plane. The transit time is approximately 1 hour 30 minutes in Tokyo. The total time of flying including transit time is about 17 hours. So far, this is the fastest flight between the US and Vietnam.

How to get Vietnam visa for US citizens

How to get Vietnam visa for US citizens
How to get Vietnam visa for US citizens

To help you find the answer for the question: How to get Vietnam visa for US travelers, we analyze 3 following ways. Or you also can refer to Vietnam Visa for US citizens here.

♦ Apply at the Vietnamese embassy in the United States or a third country with a Vietnamese diplomatic mission: This is the most common way when the Vietnamese government has not applied the visa policy with technological solutions or where Vietnam has no diplomatic mission.

→ Advantages: You will be posted visa on the passport.

→ Disadvantages: The complex procedure, the highest cost, the high ability to refuse, the 7-day review period. If you have a urgent need during the day, it will be difficult to meet.

♦ Electronic visa application (e-visa): This is a new visa policy applied by the Vietnamese government for nationals of 40 countries from February 1, 2017 including the United States.

→ Advantages: convenient, just go to the website to enter information and wait for approval, the fee of 25 dollars (pretty cheap).

→ Disadvantages: Website interface is not user friendly, difficult to operate, only one entry and stay up to 30 days. In order to be granted an electronic visa, you must complete the information in accordance with each process, especially for long-term approval. You can try to apply for an electronic visa at this address: https://evisa.xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn/web/guest/trang-chu-ttdt

♦ Visa on arrival: This is the policy for international travel companies, prestigious organizations in Vietnam which can guarantee customers, partners to Vietnam for a variety of purposes. Its full process is very simple, you ca see here: Vietnam visa on arrival.

→ Advantages: fast, meeting urgent needs within 1 hour, the simple implementation, cheap cost. There are many options of time, purpose, number of times.

→ Disadvantages: Another step is to stamp your visa at Vietnam airport. If you want to enter Vietnam by road, you will not be able to apply in this way.

We hope that this article helps you find the right answer to the question “How long does it take to fly from the US to Vietnam” and “how to get Vietnam visa for US citizens” as well? And choose the best airline for you!


5 Tips to book a cheap flight from Singapore to Vietnam

If you are wondering which airlines have flights from Singapore to Hanoi, how the airfare costs, whether Singaporean needs visa to Vietnam or not, as well as the tips for booking cheap ticket, let’s find the answer in the following article!

Airlines flying from Singapore to Vietnam

Currently, there are 5 airlines flying from Singapore to Vietnam: Vietnam Airlines, Singapore Airlines, SilkAir, Tiger Airways, and Jetstar. Vietnam Airlines is one of the most popular airlines flying from Singapore to Vietnam. There are about 30 flights departing from Singapore (Changi Airport) to Hanoi (Noi Bai Airport) every week.

The distance from Vietnam (Noi Bai Airport) to Singapore (Changi) is about 2,220 km. The average time from Singapore to Vietnam is 3 hours 10 minutes.

Vietnam Airlines (VN)

  • Frequency: Daily flight from Singapore to Hanoi.
  • Time: Departing from Singapore at 15h50 and arriving in Hanoi at 18h15.

Vietnam Airlines is a national airline of Vietnam. It has a convenient flight time, not too early or too late. The highlights when moving by the national airline Vietnam is that passengers will be served food and be sent 20kg of luggage free. The downside is, the flight attendant is considered to be unfriendly to the tourists.

Singapore Airlines (SQ)

  • Frequency: There is a flight departing from Singapore to Hanoi.
  • Time: Departing from Singapore at 9h50 and arriving in Hanoi at 12h05.

Singapore Airlines also joins two airlines: Silkair and Vietnam Airlines, to send passengers from Singapore to Silkair or Vietnam Airlines on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. On Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, in addition to its main flight from Singapore at 9:50 am, it also combined with the two carriers to bring more customers to Hanoi in the afternoon. If you go in the afternoon, you will sit in the plane of the other two airlines.

The advantage of Singapore Airlines is the 5-star service in the world with the high quality service. However, the price is high and sometimes, it is equal to that of Vietnam Airlines.

Silkair (MI)

  • Frequency: There are 3 flights per week from Singapore Hanoi on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.
  • Time: Departing from Singapore at 15h05 and arriving in Hanoi at 17h25.

Silkair is a Singapore Airlines with the quality service. The passengers will be provided the luggage allowance of 20kg. The flying time is also very convenient. The prices are not much higher than Vietnam Airlines.

Tiger Airways (Singapore)

  • Frequency: There are 5 flights a week from Singapore to Hanoi on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. No flight on Monday and Wednesday.
  • Time: Departing from Singapore at 10:25 am and arriving in Hanoi at 12:55. On Saturday and Sunday,  departing at 13h00 and landing at 15h30.

The cheap airline Tiger Airways has the disadvantage that passengers must enter passport number when booking air tickets from Singapore to Hanoi. Tiger Airways is a cheap airline so when you eat on the plane you will have to pay. 20kg of luggage is also paid.

5 Tips for booking the cheap flight from Singapore to Vietnam

5 tips for cheap flight to Vietnam from Singapore - Vietnam visa
5 tips for cheap flight to Vietnam from Singapore

1. A computer and a high-speed Internet

Surely a good computer, a high-speed Internet access will support you.

The promotion of airlines always attracts the huge amount of participants. In addition, the promotion time is only focused on several hours of the evening (due to the comments of many agencies, avoid staff distractions during working hours), leading to the same amount of access to the website at a very large and sudden increase.

2. Register to receive the promotion notification

This is a trick but extremely effective to “hunt” for the cheap airline tickets. It’s easy for you to sign up as a member of the airline website or forum. When you become a member, you will be one of the first to know the latest promotion information of the airline.

3. Always carry an international payment card

Visa and Master Cards are two most popular cards that the airline always applies for payment of promotional tickets. Always carry a valid international payment card to ensure you do not miss the golden opportunity from booking the cheap airfare. Visa Debit and Master Debit cards are now extremely fast and simple registration in banks.

4. Choose flexible fares

You should book as soon as possible. If you are traveling with a group of friends and you do not have the cheapest ticket, do not be disappointed.

5. Plan your Vietnam trip

If you have planned your holidays, please visit the website of the airlines regularly at least 3 months in advance. In addition, the night flights are often cheaper than the day flights, so you also pay attention to it on the international flights to make a reasonable choice.

Does Singaporean need visa to Vietnam?

Singaporean has Vietnam visa exemption in not more than 30 days under the bilateral visa exemption regime for Singaporean citizens. When entering Vietnam, Singapore tourists do not need to apply for a visa in advance. They only need a valid passport, a return ticket (such as airfare and train tickets) and not be prohibited to entry into Vietnam.

Otherwise, if Singaporeans want to stay in Vietnam more than 30 days, a valid Vietnam visa is absolutely required.

Wish you succeed in your booking for the cheap flight from Singapore to Vietnam.